Gran Turismo 5 Has Playstation Move Features?

On Sony's Official Product Listing Page The Move has a listing of related games at the bottom of the page in a featured products gallery. Gran Turismo 5 is listed among: Motion Fighter, Mod Nation Racers, The Shoot, Move Party, Socom 4, Sports Champions, TV Superstars. It's unclear if these are just featured products. But, since every other title in the gallery is know to be Move enabled. We are assuming that the Gran Turismo 5 listing is hint that it will be Move enabled. This has not been officially confirmed by Polyphony or Sony.

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FanboyAttack3173d ago

They need to make a wheel like the Wii

Crazyhorse3173d ago

No wheel, wheel on the Wii is garbage they need to make something better. And nothing compares to a real steering wheel and pedals.

poe3173d ago

Maria Kart wheel is awesome onteh Wii. Could be alt different for a game like Gran Turismo but it definitely dos not suck on the Wii.

eemoemo523173d ago

So stupid racing games dont need motion controls, or else you look like that jackass dad on the xbox commercial for Natel changing tires on the car.

kenlawson3173d ago

That guy did look like a fool.

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Szarky3172d ago

Get a G25, call it a day.