Starcraft II Beta Developer Chat # 1

StarCraft 2 Lead Developers Dustin Browder and Chris Sigaty talked to the fans the other night, discussing both their current plans as well as revealing some new stuff that will be available for beta as well as launch and post-launch.

Among other things, the game will be tutorialrific, if there's such a word. Loads of guides for new players planned.

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Recka3194d ago

Should be very good for new players to the game :D!

King Klear3194d ago

Guides and tutorials! I've already had some reasons to think there will be a lot of those...

Leord3194d ago

If you look in the game files, they are already in there. Transcripts at least!

Cogo3194d ago

Quite detailed too.

However, I know they are modifying the AI files a lot, so it's very possible that these tutorials will too before they are patched on.

Eoweniel3194d ago

Well, this is cool.
Tutorialific... haha.

SCFreelancer3194d ago

Tutorialrific can be both good or bad depending on its implementation.

Leord3194d ago

AFAIk, these are separate from the Single Player game anyway.

They are by no means mandatory either.

I believe in this idea :)

Cogo3194d ago

In some games it;s horrible though...

King Klear3194d ago

If only there was some way to find out what tutorials will be there and other interesting stuff... wink wink...

Leord3194d ago

Lol. Yes, just open the game files with a MPQ viewer! :)

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Cogo3194d ago

The mapmaking news is GOOOD news!

King Klear3194d ago

Yeah, that "The Map Editor will be out before late-April." bit is actually the only thing that interests me.

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