Why Microsoft will inevitably lose the console war.

thiskid writes: "We've all seen in recent news how Sony now have a game developer portfolio 3 times larger, and arguably stronger than Microsoft's, what does this mean for the future of gaming?"

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FangBlade3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

1st party devs are the key to success and Sony knows it.
Microsoft will learn it too, eventually.

FishCake9T43194d ago

IMO Its too late for Sony. NPD numbers just keep showing how the XBOX sales are still beating Sony. If the PS3 released at the same time as the XBOX, with a lower price tag and a better marketing scheme the console war would be much closer. "Next gen starts when we say i does". Obviously not. Sony only have themselves to blame.

cereal_killa3193d ago

So your saying that NDP = the World........amirite. The only place that M$ is clearly doing better is in the US and besides the UK region its the only area that are keeping the 360 selling, Japan is clearly a dead area for M$ and what ever is sold more in the US has been countered in Japan, also Sony has clearly said they are having supply issues in the NA region for the last couple months maybe it's an "excuse" but I doubt it several people in these threads have stated that they are sold out in several areas but it doesn't mean that they're completely sold out everywhere in the US. One thing you are right in is that M$ had a 1 year head start but they also released a faulty system that they knew of just to get those 1 year sales maybe if M$ took there time and fixed the RROD before release they probably would have not sold as much as they did now, Many people I know have purchased newer systems for the reason that there older system might break again and do not want to be with out being able to play video games. But who really knows what will or might have happen if things wend differently.

DJexs3193d ago

If Microsoft wants to win they need to lower the price of the elite and some of their accessories. Ps3 needs to develop a better game library like the ps2 had(has) and keep the price as low as possible.

wouldn't be funny if these 2 companies where fixing the price to screw us over lol a little paroniod thought for yall.

Dance3193d ago

That would be marketing

presto7173193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Some people might not want to hear it but its true. Their hardware sucks monkey *****. As such, they will fail. They were definitely not thinking long term. Bitter pill to swallow....

@DJex, what do you mean by "better game library". I mean yes we should always demand better games, but you make it sound as if they are struggling game-wise at present.

Godmars2903193d ago

The apparent answer to that is that MS, Greenberg especially, will do everything to keep it alive. Exploit it to sell product while caring jack about quality.

Shadow Flare3193d ago

Greenberg. The guy who said blu-ray absence is key to 360 outselling PS3. And the lack of modern hardware was key to wii's price for it to outsell ps3 and 360. Hell, screw progress. Right guys? As long as it's about sales right?

Sony says no

maniacmayhem3193d ago

I disagree, I think 3rd party is super essential.

3rd party makes up more than 90% of the bulk for consoles. MS knows this and it's probably the reason why they got rid of a lot of their 1st party devs.

It didn't make sense to spend $$$$ on a lot of 1st party devs for hit or miss titles.

Also 1st party alone cannot save your console, just take a look at Dreamcast. All of their 3rd party support bailed on them and they had to bow out the console game.

Danteh3193d ago

It's obvious that SOny will eventually win the console war. Everything is like a PS2 "deja vu":
High starting price, loads of criticism, weak initial game lineup.... and then bam, awesome exclusive after awesome exclusive, best game collection and variety by far, numerous first party studios, Slim + lower price, and of course, God of War III and Gran Turismo 5

Seeing that although they started a year later they are already catching up (and 7 years left for the cicle) and that Sony dominates all the world except USA (here in Spain there's just no contest between PS3 and 360, you buy a PS3 or you just can't play FIFA or MW2 with friends) it's clear.

Neo6043193d ago

Xbox owners would buy 4 xbox after rrod, they would buy any crap from MS.

Cold 20003193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

"Why Sony will inevitably loose the console war"

You guys would have been crying about how biased the media is and how much evetryone hates Sony.

The thread would have been full of tears, OVERFLOWING with tears, curses and a massive meltdown.

Why dont we get the same reaction when from when it concerns the 360 ? Where all the whiny, oversensitive 360 fanboys :)

BTW, Sony will inevitably lose the console war. 4 years later and still behind the 360 lol.

Cold 20003193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

"It's obvious that SOny will eventually win the console war. Everything is like a PS2 "deja vu":"

There is no "deja vu" this gen.

Most 3rd party support like PS2 ? Nope.

PS2 in last position 3 years and a half later like PS3 today ? Nope.

PS2 came out after the Gamecube and Xbox like the PS3 came out after the 360 ? Nope.

PS3 outselling competitors almost 5:1 in hardware sales like PS2 at the same period in its liftime ? Nope. Not even outselling the 360 2:1 let alone the Wii.

PS3 has the biggest market (USA) on a lockdown like PS2 at the same period in its liftime ? Nope.

PS3 as profitable as PS2 at the same period after launch ? Nope.

PS3 in 1st position way ahead of Nintendo in Japan its hometurf like the PS2 at the same period in its lifetime ? Nope.

Huge mainstream games like Final Fantasy, GTA, Resident Evil etc exclusive to the PS3 like they were last gen on the PS2 ? Nope.

Wii sold less than than Nintendo's previous console like the GC with the 64 ? Nope.

This gen is whole different ball game.

Godmars2903193d ago

Yeah, take a look at Sega as a 1st party dev had then, compare it to what Sony has now. If you actually look you'll see that MS is a closer comparison to Sega than Sony is. That with Sony it sets its own benchmarks where MS needs 3rd parties to do it for them.

I mean, there was a reason Turn Ten kept calling Forza 3 the new definitive racer and had to mention GT every time.

Smkt3193d ago

bah.. i don't agree.. it's the third party games that make or break the console.. Xb1 died due of lack of third party support.. for each xb1 game there were like 10 better 3rd party games on ps2..

It's not the same with exclusives.. lets say Sony puts out 7-8 exclusives this year.. and ms does around 4-5.. that's just 3 more games for the ps3 that year..

ps3's got great exclusives.. but do they SELL as much as multi-plat games? no they don't.
UC2 was goty09.. and its not even in the top 10.

Oner3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Jason360 said ~

"Right now, Sony is losing."

Click this ~

Press play (if needed)

Then come back here and click this ~

And press play again (if needed)

Then come back and read the below

You seem to be missing one little fact that you just can't seem to wrap your tiny immature brain around ~


Nintendo = Wii & DS

Microsoft = ONLY 360

Sony & Ninty are neck & neck for 1st while MS are last. And losing more ground every minute of every day. Sorry you can't deal with that truth.

And before you say it (or anyone else) YES the PS3 is last (I can admit that without issue or "crying like some here because it is truthful). But just in case anyone hasn't noticed (or cared to admit) the PS3 has been outselling the 360 for quite some time now and is gaining on the 360 by the tune of only about 5 Million behind...Not bad for an always more expensive (until recently, and still in some respects) against 2 competitors (with said cheaper price points) while fighting a "format" war" all at the same time PLUS being at a 1 - 1.5 year deficit (depending on location) to MS.

Yep! Not bad....not bad at all ;)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Right now, the PS3 is losing.

BTW Microsoft is Xbox 360 and Windows, and Windows is a billion served

The PS3 is still losing. Hell the PSP is losing to DS, infact the PlayStation brand hasn't won anything since the PS2. Xbox is still in 2nd but at least it didn't go from first to dead last.

Below LOL assets = no money in the bank.

Oner3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

I see your reading comprehension is just as terrible because I already addressed that. BUT since you really want to be technical (and bring in other topics separate from "Gaming") then how's this suit ya? Sony's total assets are over 225 BILLION while MS is about 70 or um again ~ Sorry to be the bearer of bad (though still factual) news but you are still quite a bit misinformed!

Edit: Assets still show who the bigger company really is! You can't downplay that one! Though you will inevitably try...

Godmars2903193d ago

Xbox1 failed because the only game that gave it any definition was Halo whereas the PS1 and PS2 had multiple 1st and 3rd party franchises to create and build on. That's why MS bought into FF, MGS and GTA for the 360, yet still because of Halo their console is still better known for FPSs.

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Pennywise3194d ago

This kid needs to go back to school and learn to spell.

What Would Kratos Do3194d ago

Someone can only win if the terms of victory have been clearly defined.

Is victory achieved by :-
1. market share.
2. market share vs last gens market share.
3. total consoles sold.
4. most money made. (or least money lost)
5. most critically acclaimed games.
6. most games sold.

Tony-A3194d ago

Microsoft does have to realize that taking over the gaming industry didn't come with only money.

Sony has a vision
Nintendo has a vision
Microsoft has money

That's about it. Buying exclusivity obviously hasn't stopped the PS3. The PS3 now has the most critically acclaimed exclusive without spending billions. Sony just bought Media Molocule with their money.... MS bought MW2 DLC a month early....

That's not enough, Micro. Take it from the two companies who have had dynasties before. Take it from the two that have experience. What do they have?

Amazing first party studios/exclusives.

RememberThe3573193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Yeah cuz we'd definitely see games like GoW, Killzone, Resistence, Heavy Rain, Syphon Filter, and Twisted Metal from Nintendo, right?

presto717: Sony is indeed a much bigger company but MS prints money. It's not even fair comparing their net incomes.

But I'll do it anyway :)
Microsoft: $17billion
Sony: -$1billion

Even though Sony makes more money and is a much bigger company, they also have much more overhead than Microsoft. It is much more expensive to run a business based on hardware manufacturing than software development.

presto7173193d ago

Total assets of course.

Sony: $230.5 billion

MS: $77.8 billion

Hmm. You would think MS was richer considering how much they throw away on DLC, timed-exclusives, misleading ads,etc. Translation: FULL OF FAIL.

fox023193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Market Value 38 bil
Profits Rank:116
Market Value rank: 255
Profit Margin = -3.6%
Profits = $-2.295450228 bil

Market Value 257 bil
Profits Rank: 8
Market Value:6
Profit Margin = 27.7%
Profits = $16.258 bil

Couldn't find BigN

LMAO at people disagree with facts. They're not going to change because you disagree.

RememberThe3573193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

The market value difference is directly attributed to how many shares both companies have on the market. Microsoft has over 8x as many shares on the market as Sony. The Market value is not the total value of the company is simply share x are price.

In this case:
Sony shares are going for $37.61 and they have 1 billion shares out there which puts their market value at around $38 billion.

Microsfot has shares going for 29.29 and has 8.77 billion shares which puts their market value at around $257 billion.

But the profits are the telling numbers. Microsoft blows Sony out of the water what it comes to purely making money.

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Hellsvacancy3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Sony is just full of win, more and more people r startin 2 notice it

RememberThe3573193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Everything they did in the past that was laughed at, they meant to do. The entire time they have been moving themselves into a position where they can grow again. SCE knows what they are doing, and they knew what they were doing. They took a hit then to make money latter and it is going to work.

While the media and the newly empowered MS fanboys took pot shot after pot shot at them they kept it coming. They mean it when they say they have a ten year plan. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

presto717: knowing the fanboy mind state, they'll act like the sh*t isn't even there and just keep going about their day with sh*t all over their faces.

presto7173193d ago

Before they used to say that ps3 had no games. Haha. Look at the 360's 2009 lineup.

I wonder how it must feel now that sony is taking a dump on all those people's faces.