Champions Online Revelations: Bill Roper Interview

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan got a hold of the extremely busy Bill Roper this week for a chat about the upcoming Champions Online expansion, Revelation.

"Over 80 missions between the Crisis and Vibora Bay zones that (along with Therakiel's Temple) comprise between 15 – 20 hours of new game play.
Six new Tier 4 meta-powers.
Five new enemy groups - Sovereign Sons, Trey Kings, New Shadows, Dogz, and Nephilim.
Over 30 new perks, including new ways to achieve older, difficult to achieve perks.
Numerous new costume pieces and an entirely new complete Apocalypse costume sets.
Dozens of new high-end items, a new PvP Luchador costume set, and more!"

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Leord3173d ago

Ahaa! The Bills strike again!

Dorjan3173d ago

have they addressed all their users complaints though?

Still a boring game >.>

thetamer3173d ago

He's a beautiful man...