The Top 7 Least interactive games

GamesRadar writes:

"Ask any gamer why we love to play, and sooner or later we're bound to start philosophizing about "interactivity." Games, you see, are the only kind of entertainment that let the audience influence the characters' actions. You can't stand up in a movie theatre and tell the actors who to shoot next; how well would it work if comic-book writers asked readers to write in to determine characters' fates? We crave interactivity, and thus, we love gaming.

But plenty of games aren't that interactive at all. Some are designed restrictively; others offer chin-scratchy commentary on the nature of gameplay; some were just made by folks who like cutscenes a bit too much. For whatever reason, plenty of software is less "game" and more "TV show with occasional button presses." Interactive entertainment? Here are a few games that forget at least half that promise."

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