IGN First Look At Bethesda's New RPG: Hunted

If you've been playing videogames for any significant amount of time, the chances are good that you've made your way through a few dungeon crawlers in your day. These are the fantasy games dominated by dark caves filled with skeletons, goblins, spiders and secret paths filled with loot. There was a time when this genre was all of the rage as Dungeons and Dragons heavily influenced most every game designer out there. Times have changed but this once ubiquitous genre has been pushed to the sidelines. But it has not been forgotten and now Bethesda and development studio inXile are giving it another spin, this time pulling in modern design standards.

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StillGray3144d ago

Looks like I'll have a game to play while I wait for Diablo III.

Wrathman3144d ago

f**k yeah.bethesda are the masters of rpg's.the elder scrolls trumps anything that came out of japan in the same genre.EVERRRR

id rather play as an elf than an emo kid wearing a trench coat any day!


Chris3993144d ago

The only thing that I love more than JRPGs are dungeon-crawlers. Plus, with co-op I have another game for the wife and I to play.

gameseveryday3144d ago

what ? Bethesda are back with a new RPG?

BusinessNinja3144d ago

I am pretty stoked that this is finally coming out after such a long dev. cycle