Games Xtreme: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

GX writes: "The story in the first Bad Company was, in my eyes brilliant, it had a different feel to most modern, gritty shooters and injected a real sense of humour and light heartedness into what would otherwise have just been another very well polished first person shooter.

Now onto the sequel. When I started to read early hands on information about BC2 and watched the first few teaser trailers I was a little bit worried. To borrow a Heath Ledger quote 'why so serious'… all the talk surrounding BC2 was that EA and Dice were gunning for Infinity Ward and Modern Warfare and I must admit that I was a little concerned that BC was going to lose its unique selling point and just become another shooter. Everything from plot to action appeared to be a more serious game that left the humour and warmth of the characters firmly at the door in exchange for a darker experience."

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