New Sony PSP Navigation Software: Wi-Fi GPS via PlaceEngine

There is a new navigation software available for the Sony PSP which will leverage the PlaceEngine Wi-Fi geo location services. The software, from Zenrin Map 2 and the Edia MaPlus will remain using the GPS accessory for the PSP, but will add location data that will be provided through Wi-Fi.

This means, for example, if the PSP is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot the navigation applications can continue to show the location inside buildings where GPS satellites are unreachable.

This GPS receiver for the Sony PSP is only available in Japan. But you can order the PSP-290, The Zenrin Map 2 with GPS and the MaPlus with GPS online. Prices are around $59.90, $95 and $99.90 respectively.

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Karebear4154d ago

I really... really want the gps attachment for the psp. Its useless without US maps though... CMON Sony :P

kspraydad4154d ago

I'm thinking they wont release it except for built in (camera too) into a remodeled PSP.

If you want the GPS now I here the homebrew scene has US maps available.

djt234154d ago

why in hell you need gps system in a handheld
i need some comments

ReconHope4153d ago

the true question is y not. this is the evolution of technology in the works, from cameras with pictures, then cameras with videos.