Metro 2033: Impressive Gameplay Footage Leaked (Ghosts)

A new video shows leaked gameplay footage of Metro 2033.

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JussBlazn3171d ago

this is on pc also right? i don't own a 360

Chubear3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Yeah it's on PC too and it looks like quite an experience story wise. I don't even want to watch any more vids of the game just in case it comes on the PS3 later on. If it doesn't then I'll give it a rent on the 360 or break down and watch the whole game on Youtube.

Looks fun indeed. A nice Stalker vibe. I'm just a sucker for post apocalyptic settings.

StanLee3171d ago

The tension in that 7 minute video was intense. I literally sat there waiting for something to happen while they stood at that door. I have to play this game.

JokesOnYou3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Although, I'll never forgive THQ/devs for the lack of multiplayer, but looking at the vids at least makes me feel better 'cause it looks like theres helluva good single player experience there. hmmmm, graphics look very good too. Does anybody have the achievements list yet?


Anon19743171d ago

I think it looks cool. Very Fallout 3. I had heard some hype regarding it being amazing looking and while I wouldn't go nearly that far I think it looks good. Gears 2 still is the 360 graphics champ as far as I'm concerned. I never did play Borderlands though and I think if I need another post apocalyptic shooter fix I'll probably give Borderlands a shot due to the multiplayer co-op.

Bnet3433171d ago

Wow, looks scary fun. I want this.

4Sh0w3171d ago

Wow, this game seems like it sort of came out of nowhere, I'm definitely impressed. Looks like the wallet is going to get a little light this weekend, 2 of my cousins are coming out to visit so I'll pick up this and God of War3 this weekend just to show off a bit. I'm quickly running into the problem of too many games not enough time so far this year.

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VileAndVicious3171d ago

What the hell is this game???? Ive never seen this before!?
Looks...awesome. Like a cross between Fallout3 and Freedom Fighters!!!

Chubear3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

... er, what's with the with the overly exaggerated bout of excitement? O.o You part of the developer crew or something? lol

VileAndVicious3171d ago

Lol mostly caffeine.

But seriously this game looks REALLY good. I was expecting something...I dont know, more call of duty like?
I was a huge STaLKER fan, so seeing that trailer brought back some good memories. I might have to blow the dust off my 360 for this one.

palaeomerus3171d ago

It's based on a really dark Russian sci-fi novel.

HolyOrangeCows3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Fallout, sure. But where the heck did you get freedom fighters out of that?

EDIT: You know what, I guess I can kind of see that now that I think about it. The theme kind of has a similar feel.

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Timesplitter143171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )


The only thing I remember of this game is an announcement made 3 or 4 years ago.

But this looks awesome beyond words. I'm so buying this as soon as it comes out.

edit : Lucky me! It comes out in an hour on steam!

beans3171d ago

Goodness this game is looking good. To all those guys saying it doesn't(on 360) I say stfu!

vilanova3171d ago

fantastic,love ,love this atmosphere

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