PrintWarcraft introduces custom Mousepads based on your WoW character

PrintWarcraft not only allows you to print custom screenshots of your character through advanced tools in their website, now you can customize Mousepads changing background, foreground and adding your character in different poses.

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Leord3174d ago

Hehe, so many ways you can pay to look at your wow character :)

Fyzzu3174d ago

Including paying for a WoW subscription ;/

Montrealien3174d ago

Good thing its worth every penny for the people who enjoy it eh Fyzzu?

Montrealien3174d ago

the bigger waste imho is trolling an article of a game you don`t care about. But hey, that`s the N4G way right?

Eoweniel3174d ago

Hell yeah. Way to earn more money...if you are the company. Spend more, if you're in love with your character.

Although I do admit it's kind of a cool idea.

Leord3174d ago

As long as the prices are reasonable, I think this is a great idea!

JonahNL3174d ago

Pretty much a waste of time, money and space, although I'm sure many fans will check this out. Sigh...

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