GDC: Daglow: The Real Console War Is On Wall Street

Most people measure the console wars by hardware unit sales, but although those numbers can be indicative of a console's success, that's not where the real console war is taking place, independent design consultant Don Daglow said at GDC on Friday.

"The real war is the war on Wall Street," he said. That's where CEOs are judged, and those CEOs are expected to grow their business year after year, or else that stock price will flounder. "[The console war] is not driven by hardware innovation or even creativity," rather stock prices.

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Zedux3137d ago

that's what most fanboys lack to understand. it doesn't matter companies such as MS giving consoles almost for free out there as when this generation comes to a close what will matter is how much money you made and in MS's case how much money they burnt!