Epic's Rein On Why AAA Is 'Not Going Away', It's 'Going Everywhere'

At the Game Developers Conference this year, a wide swath of investors, execs and developers are all but declaring the imminent demise of traditional console game development, thanks to the rise of social, mobile and digital games, plus new tech.

Few people are less likely to agree with that perspective than Epic's Mark Rein. "How'd that Modern Warfare 2 do," he joked at the event, where he showed Gamasutra the latest updates to the company's Unreal Engine 3 -- including the tech performing on not just an iPhone, but a new model Palm Pre -- plus a tech demo on PC in stereoscopic 3D.

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Zedux3197d ago

not so sure Epic! as long as your titles are multiplat and 360 only you will never get even close to GoW3 GT5 Uncharted 2 Killzone 2 Heavy Rain just to name a few but it's not your fault!