Splash Damage Will "Never Work Expansions"

Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood has told IncGamers that the developer will "never work on expansions, never work on ports."

In an interview with IncGamers, Wedgwood said the company was dedicated to its community, and that by taking on projects which were effectively "ports" of consoles games wouldn't do it, or its community any favours.

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AndyA2958d ago

I will always love SD for Wolfy: ET.

Letros2958d ago

man, the memories, that was an amazing game

Leord2958d ago

Does this mean they don't wanna do expansions for their own games either?

thetamer2958d ago

I dont' think it's strange at all. I think expansions have now become something of a mix up, especially with all the DLC stuff. What is an expansion anymore? Wouldn't it be better to just release a sequel or prequel now?

dohfOs2958d ago

i'd say it's awesome stuff. no ports = awesome