Kane & Lynch 2: "Something New" Coming This Week

IO Interactive has announced that there will be new info about Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days coming this week.

In a tweet, the developer teased that Kane & Lynch fans can look forward to "something new" about the action sequel, due for release later this year.

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Leord3115d ago

I always find these announcements that there will be an announcement funny :)

Fyzzu3115d ago

Much as I'm sure it's a reference to the Dog Days subtitle, I'd laugh much, much harder if the "dog lovers" reference turned out to mean that the game was being rebranded as a Dead to Rights spin-off.

AndyA3115d ago

Speaking of which, isn't DTR: Retribution due out soon? Hopes are not high.

thetamer3115d ago

I'm guessing another trailer...