More Uncharted 2 DLC on the way

Naughty Dog's Evan Wells has confirmed that more DLC for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is in the works, but that the chances of it being anything other than further extensions to the game's competitive multiplayer "are slim".

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WildArmed2870d ago

ah.. I wanted more co-op stories..

BeaArthur2870d ago

Unfortunately after 1.05 I traded the game in. Couldn't stand the new health update. Now anyone who can hold a controller can get a kill, it's annoying.

Stationfan2870d ago

The update just weeded out the run and gunners, and made people play more carefully, I love the update I feel it gave the FAL a sporting chance while before it was the weakest of the bunch

WildArmed2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

fal was not the weakest >.<
b4 the 1.05 patch, I would just run to get my hands on a fal and kill kill kill :)

Ofc, it's a matter of how you play. I tend to take cover and keep my aim focused.
If you like to hip-fire, then Fal wasn't the best choice.

Now the shotties just own.

For the record:
I agree with 2.0

They should have just created Crushing playlist. I dont know why they had to go and do a overhaul.

I havn't picked up U2 for awhile, I should play it again sometime.

himdeel2870d ago

...but being able to do survival on new maps is still tops in my book. Man on man if only GOW3 had a 3 man survival co-op I'd loose my mind lol.

Stationfan2870d ago

@skv007 i should of been more specific, it was always a beast but with the previous health. It would take to many burst to kill by then your foe being a bullet spong would already of taken cover.

And evaded your hits, now with this new health bar, the Fall needs less burst and you have a better chance of killing them.

Im buying every dlc for this game since i feel its a quality and beautifully polished game, and naughty dog deserves it. On another note Can wait to get my hands on GOW 3 tonight

WildArmed2869d ago

Ah I see what you mean.
Just like now how Deagle is too deadly ;)

SickoJay2870d ago

From the article: (Co-op DLC) requires getting the actors in to do a light narrative.
I don't see the problem with that, because they had to bring back voice actors for Ataq Navvaro and Gabriel Roman, to give them new lines for the most recent DLC character skins, lines which clearly weren't taken from Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. And unless they suprise us, its likely the trio of Drake and his usual hero buddies, in co op which would be boring and a disappointment. Why not something new like villains versus shambala guardians, yetis and 'slippery naked people'.