Deus Ex: Human Revolution CGI Q&A

Following the release of the latest Deus Ex trailer, IncGamers managed to get some answers on some of what was revealed.

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Dorjan3195d ago

this will rock harder than a... well rock!

thetamer3195d ago

This is going to look and play amazing!

Fyzzu3195d ago

Ooh. Intriguing stuff. Bits of it are pretty obvious to anyone who's played Deus Ex, but there's some good stuff in there.

AndyA3195d ago

Not the most subtle metaphor in the trailer.

akiraburn3194d ago

Wow, I had no idea a new trailer came out yesterday. I was just talking about DX3 earlier with a few friends. Really glad they included the line about more to be revealed at E3, since there is still a lot that I think everyone wants to know and see.

I still don't know completely how to feel about DX3 though. Being an enormous fan of the first game, I am concerned about some of their choices so far with this one. One of the main things is their design choice with the regenerating health. I see a problem with this, due to the fact that now damage won't be variable on different body parts, whereas in the original, where you got shot, attacked, or in general took damage from would be reflected in the menu showing the health each body-part was at, and it would directly affect things like how precise your aim could be, how fast you could run, etc.

So I am unsure if they are making the best design choice by removing health management from DX3. I think most people liked the health management system in DX1, but since we haven't seen DX3 in action, it's mostly speculation at this point whether it will be a good or bad move to change things.

I am also unsure of their choice to immediately make the game available on all platforms. I believe it will be an awesome game, and I definitely think everyone should get the chance to experience it no matter what, but I personally think that focusing on PC first would yield the best experience and then to work on rebuilding the game's engine to be optimized for PS3 and 360 afterward would be the best route. If this were most any other franchise, I probably wouldn't care how they handled it, and I'm not saying this for any other reason than wanting them to make the best product possible and making it available to everyone.

Using the past as an example, they made DX1 on PC only to begin with, then brought it to console later, and that's considered one of the greatest games of all time. Deus Ex 2 was made with the intention of being a multiplatorm game, and had immense amounts of technical issues on PC, and often has been regarded as either one of the worst design choices for a sequel, and/or if nothing else just a pretty mediocre game compared to the original. Thus this is why I have concern for this choice on DX3.

That's not to say that "no game can come out and be amazing on all platforms", because Batman:AA will definitely prove that statement wrong. I just think that with this franchise, it may be best to utilize the full amount of development time to crafting the game and all it's mechanics, then figure out how to get it looking and playing best on consoles afterwards. That's my thoughts right now, but all that could change come E3. They may show that they can create the game being strong overall. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Regardless I really look forward to seeing the world they craft, and overall I like to be optimistic with this and believe they will handle the franchise well.

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