God of War III is not an 8 hours game - What the motivation is to put out misinformation?

Ken Feldman from Santa Monica clarified about the 8 hours long gameplay. Here is the quote:


Hey Guys,

Reviews are awesome, we are humbled as developers. I think around 40% are perfect scores, unbelievable!!!

The one issue that has irked me is some reviewers are listing this as an 8hr game. This is not an 8 hr game, the fastest play tester on normal mode took 12 or 13 hours during the final play through - the fastest!

I have no idea why or what the motivation is to put out misinformation.

-Ken Feldman


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MasFlowKiller3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Thanx again US Media
cant u guys take off the fanboy goggles for one sec to give a fair review? Yes am looking at u Shane Satterfield, lol

captain-obvious3167d ago

WHF ??
im 7 hours in to the game
and no where near the end
what the hell is this guy smoking ?
or is he just playing on easy + skipping things ??

IdleLeeSiuLung3167d ago

"hey ken those sites that said they passed it in 8 hours said that they go trough it without searching for secrets and not killing alot of the enemys. thay probably played trough it just to make the review."

If there are multiple sites claiming so, I would rather believe the independent review houses!

Why does it matter? Short games haven't stopped people from buying a game in the past.

nycredude3167d ago

Adam Sessler said it took him more than 12 hours so it's pretty obvious there is some BS going on in these reviews.

I just realized that over 12 hours of this level of epicness might be too much for one to handle!

StanLee3167d ago

It's not only one or two reviewers saying they completed the game in 8 hours though, so you have to wonder are the people reviewing the games, really playing through the games? This has been a question that has reared it's ugly head time and time again. When you read some of the reviews you have to wonder sometimes; did this reviewer really play the game? The reviews are so generalized, with so much information omitted.

PR0X13167d ago

But I finished in ~7hours. I rather have fun 7 hours than boring 50 hours really.

I did not bought the game but got it from a friend who did.

joydestroy3167d ago

whatever. i was gonna cancel my pre-order but didn't because this game is gonna be pretty awesome no matter what.

HolaTarola3167d ago

Is this your new account Bungie? Stealth trolling like always huh? I just read your comments history, wow, you are really an Xbox fanboy, don't lie, you didn't play GOW III.

raztad3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Misinformation, Lies FTL.

IGN I'm looking at you.


I think you are right on "playing on easy and skipping things". That would explain as well some people saying GoW3 is a button masher. Nothing can be farther from the true.

aCasualGamer3167d ago

Judging by your comment history i doubt you even have a PS3. You're just here for the trolling.

-Ontopic-: There are numerous reviewers that say 7 hours, and a lot of other reviewers who say it's anywhere from 10-15 hours. That's a pretty big gap IMO, and it's obvious some of them rushed through easy mode in the game.

What i can't understand is why the hell would you not give this game a fair chance? This is the last game in the industry i would wanna rush through!

In that sense i fully agree with Ken Feldman, what's the motivation for such behavior? Not only do they have laziest job in the world (playing video games all day) but they RUSH through them and give out inaccurate reviews? These people shouldn't gain the right to call them selves video game journalists/critics.

Stig Assmusen said in the video interview, up on Playstationblog, that the last playthrough from the testers clocked in at 12+ hours but they made some tweeks so it's somewhere from 10-12 hours on normal mode. The hard mode should take much longer than that, probably anywhere from 12-15 hours.

Again, i doubt reviewers are faster than the testers who work at sony santa monica stuidos... Testers play the game every day for months on. They are familiar with every boss, every puzzle, every enemy on the screen. The reviewers aren't, and if they say they are faster i call it bull.

Anyways... It should be pretty obvious now who's accurate in their reviews and who's not.

Cerberus21253167d ago

PR0X1 you're a full of a,you don"t have a PS3,you're in every story about Sony and Sony games trashing them,and your friend go a game that you both finish a day before it comes out?.calling you a fanboy is to good for you,you are trash.

Cold 20003167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Even PS only sites said the game was around 10 hours.

Dont tell me they're biased against Sony too.

For istance Check the last pgraph. They say its 8-10 hours.

Or here Second pgraph of page 2 they say its around 8 hours long.

Theres something weird going on. Probably just Feldman trying to reassure some people.

Guess even Sony sites are part of the conspiracy...hell I bet Sony themselves are in it too!

na2ru13167d ago

Need more guys like him to call out BS! I no I'm not very quick with my games so I'll add another couple of hours. Sweet!

crck3167d ago

I'm not sure how you guys play your god of war games. Took me about 12 hrs to finish the first and about 17 hrs to finish the 2nd game. But I try to solve the puzzles myself. I don't go to faqs every time I get stuck and that does slow me down. I admit I do get lost sometimes too as I have a horrible sense of direction. lol

Darkeyes3167d ago

Well judging by the fact that I have played GOW3 Demo for more than a 100 times now, I don't think re-playability will be an issue. Besides, reviewers always rush through a game, especially AAA and blockbuster titles as they have to get the reviews out as soon as possible... So I guess 10-12 hours is enough. Also judging by the fact that I finished GOW2 within 8 hours (and I found it quiet long) also makes me even happier...

Christopher3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I'm prone to trust Ken on this than reviewers, solely because I know that Santa Monica makes it a contest out of who in their office has the fasted play times. They even made a trophy out it for God of War 2 in the collection based on beating their times, they just allowed you to do so on easy, which is really easy to do on a second play through.

Now, I do know that when they talk fasted times, it's on the default difficulty and not easy mode as well, it also means you play through completely anew and without carrying over any items/abilities. Personally, any reviewer playing on a mode other than default for the meat of their review is doing a disservice to any game.

shadow27973167d ago

It took me 9 hours to beat God of War on Saturday. It was my second time playing through the game, but the first was a couple of years ago. But still, I remembered most of the puzzles, how to fight enemies, etc. Then again, I spent a lot of time looking for secret chests to get trophies (full upgrades, gorgon eyes, feathers).

But it's possible to beat God of War in under 5 hours (there's a trophy). So you see, the gap can be pretty large on these games. I expect God of War III to be at least 15 hours for me. That's good enough, I think.

By the way, no one uses FAQs for the puzzles. They aren't that hard. They probably just don't do very much exploring and just trudge through it.

unworthyBOZO3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I'm guessing who ever beat God of War III in 8 hours didn't take there time and searched for secrets like treasures, they just rushed though the game to get the review up early, shame on them,and kudos to Adam Sessler for playing the game like it was meant to be played.

@Shadow2797 nicely said bubbles for you.

ChineseDemocracy3167d ago

Kind of off topic but along with reviewers claiming a 7-8 hour play life, i noticed that alot of them didn't give the game a perfect score for graphics.

Now i understand there are a lot of great looking games out there, but i have yet to see something that looks as good as this game.

just my two cents.

Serg3167d ago

Adam Sessler explained the phenomenon pretty well in my opinion. He initially thought the game was way too short. But after calculating how many hours he has actually played he came up with 12+.

He blamed the outstanding pacing of the game, never a dull moment, you're always hooked and you forget everything around you, time flies by without you noticing it, therefore, too short because you didn't notice how much you've actually played.

Happened to me with Uncharted, I've been playing for what I thought were 30 minutes, turns out, 2 hours have passed and I missed class, I was like "what's done is done" and continued playing :P.

bioshock12213167d ago

How are they fanboys has it ever occured to you they actually did finish it in 8 hours on easy. I'm sure some people will actually finish it around 8 hours and some will finish it in 12.

WildArmed3167d ago

lol i guess sudden playing half the game earns you the right to review it.

So hwo much time did you put into it?
8 hours.......
How far did you get?

Half way..

Do you know what you are?

Yes, an epic fail.

creatchee3167d ago

This is a huge relief for me! I was kinda concerned that it would be short from those reviews. Glad to hear from the horse's mouth that that is not the case.

Now fingers crossed for a non-disappointing ending (as some reviews claimed).

topdawg1223167d ago

Haters wanna hate, let em, they can't bring down a God

solidt123167d ago

I give G4TV credit for being a great source for reviews. Adam and Morgan give great reviews, now the problem is there are so many over biased sites out there giving bad reviews.

gta28003167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

There always seems to be a problem that reviewers will find with PS3 exclusives. Not even legitimate problems either. These "problems" only become a problem when the game is a PS3 exclusive. The game always has to be 10+ hours if its a PS3 exclusive. If not, it's a problem. I've seen really short games get higher scores. Plus, it's not how long it lasts. It's more about the experience. Even if it really lasts 8 hours for some, so what. I'll use a BJ as an example. Would you rather get a amazing 8 hour blow job, or a boring 50 hour blow job. Cause God of War is nothing less than amazing.

bacon133167d ago

Just like stated above, the game could be even less than 8 hours if run through on easy mode. I'm sure a lot of lazy reviewers turn down the difficulty to churn out their review more quickly. Like I said before, this game could have been an hour and I'll still buy it.

gameraxis3167d ago

i hear you man, and shane was beating it like a dead horse that you can beat it on one rental bla bla, but your gonna pay 60 for something you can beat in one rental and play some challenge arenas...
like his word is LAW and if he SUPPOSEDLY beat it in 8 hours, the rest of the world will as well...

this is how every GOW game was reviewed, the 8-10 hour long rule... but on EACH of the ones before it took me around 15 or more hours to beat them... and I'm not your new GOW player, I'd even go as far to call myself a veteran.

so due to that i believe that this game will also be about 15 hours, it kind of baffles me tho why or HOW they get through it that fast.

SixZeroFour3167d ago

guys no need to care about how long any other site thinks the game depends on yourself and how much or how little YOU want to get out of the game

it was just like me and odst...all the sites were saying it was only 4 hours long, which was true IF i played it on easy or normal...however, when i played it on legendary with a couple friends, it was easily 8+ hours and even more when looking for the audio logs and completing achievements(without leaks from the net)

same with this...they can say its 8 or so hours...but thats prolly the bare bones of GOW

Serg3167d ago

What I care about is the bigger picture, not just one singled out review. I tend to know what to expect from a game by playing the demo or watching trailers, but sometimes there is either no demo or it is difficult to tell if a game that looks awesome, plays awesome. Dante's Inferno is a great example, I thought it would be great, after playing the demo and seeing all those negative reviews, I changed my mind. the controls felt clunky, the story cheesy, not at all what I expected from the "God of War killer".

Now I know I will play God of War 3 till my fingers fall of, my eyes fall out or my mind explodes - without any reviews. But games like Dante's Inferno, the ones I'm not sure about, who will tell me if they are any good. Not the biased reviews let me tell you that, based on some reviews Modern Warfare 2 and Halo: ODST are far superior to Uncharted 2, remember, the GOTY 2009 with over 100 awards?

If I would only follow Edge I would think Bayonetta exceeds God of War 3 in graphics, gameplay, story, you name it. Some of the points are a question of taste, but graphics... well the art style is debateable, from a technical perspective, God of War 3 eviscerates Bayonetta in every way.

My point is, who to trust when you are looking at a review to build an opinion on a game, not just to feel great that the game you just know will be awesome snatched another perfect 10.

gta28003167d ago

What does it matter? Game length should only matter to casual gamers. I play games for the experience. I don't play games just to kill time. Otherwise I'd find a more productive way to kill time. A game can be 1 hour long for all I care. If the game delivers an awesome experience that you will love talking about, then I got way more out of that one hour than spending 20+ hours on a game with nothing special to talk about. So with that said, people need to stop giving GOW3 a lower score just because of lack of online or "too short" as some claim. This game delivers an awesome cinematic experience, with an epic story, epic scale battles that you can't get no where else other than the PS3. If you're a true gamer this is a great gaming experience that no gamer should miss out on. PS3 gamers, you owe it to your self. Don't put your PS3 purchase to waste. This should be a day 1 purchase for all PS3 owners.

deafwing3167d ago

That's the thing about doing early reviews; true you get an early copy of the game, your site is rewarded from posting your thoughts about the title, and you get a chance to beast through the game; but at what cost?

In some cases, open games give you complete access to everything from the get go (weapons, add-ons, etc), so a lot of the time/effort you would otherwise put into the game dwindles away faster than burning a candle under the Sahara sun.

Serg3167d ago


Exactly. I just finished Assassin's Creed 2, probably took me 14-16 hours, game is great, fun and I enjoyed it. But there weren't any moments in the game I can remember that blew me away, and I finished it yesterday. There were 2 moments I recall that were amusing, Ezios mother telling him he shouldn't be so focused on vaginas and his uncle saying "It's a me, Mario!" when Ezio didn't recognize him.

However there were a lot of dull moments in the game, like doing all those repetetive assassination side-missions. There are 3-4 different types of those missions, but doesn't help much if you have to do each one 20 times over.

But as I said I really liked the game, it just wasn't unfreakingbelievably awesome is all I'm saying.

smittyjerkins3167d ago

The funny thing about these reviewers is that they are the same ones who said that MW2 story mode was 8-10 hours long. Fvcking liars!

hash013167d ago

[email protected] is a guerilla marketer for m$, anything to earn a wage is good, especially in the credit crunch.

HSx93166d ago

MW2 was not a 10 hour singleplayer campaign! It was only 4-5!

catguykyou3166d ago

To me it doesn't matter how long it is. It would be 8 hours of fun.

otherZinc3166d ago

He's a legit gamer & a fan of the PS3, I have no reason to doubt him.

Montrealien3166d ago

Then it seems that me, and most of my employees are faster then the testers. This is a sad article, and the game can be finsihed in less then 10hrs. I know this for a fact.

3166d ago
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GR8 13167d ago

Yes it is 8HRS long someone on youtube done the whole game. Blame the lazy developer of GOW3 who had 40GB blu-ray disk and couldn't make a 20 to 30HRS long game. It's not as if he had a DVD disc to work with so at the end the REviews were right it's not a 10/10 game.

Pennywise3167d ago

You are not a gamer. You are a Youtube troll. Piss off to Youtube comment section were wastes of life like you are accepted.

nycredude3167d ago

oh I see why you are so butthurt now. Your mom won't buy you a Ps3 so you are mad that the only way for you to experience true HD, next gen gaming is to sit in front of your computer and watch it on youtube. Hahahahahahahahaha! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I almost feel sorry for you, if you weren't such a prick.

PimpHandHappy3167d ago

so a person who has never played the game is looking on youtube for proof that it is a 8 hour game... you know MGR if you look at your history its funny when all you see is PS3 posts and never anything good 2say... whats life like for you? Must be sad

The dev says its a 12 hour game and im betting he is right considering he made it

mrv3213167d ago

That's double the length of Halo 3 on yotube... nice.

spinbot_lv13167d ago

sorry but you are a to one bubble....bye bye

ZBlacktt3167d ago

So let me get this straight. You know more than the actual people who made the game? You? If you only knew how silly you look right now.

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Nicholas Cage3167d ago

i think someone who owned a ps3 scarred him 4 life, someone made fun of him when he was younger

Nicholas Cage3167d ago

you'd have to be insane to not understand that god of war 3 is atleast 16-20 hour game.

Blaster_Master3167d ago

Its even longer then 20 hours because I played over 60 hours of God of War 2 just trying to beat it on titan then all the time me and and my cousin spent playin in the arena, then going back and beating the game using all the urns found for special in game extras.

Whoever said that this game is only 8 hours isn't a true gamer. Id say mentally retarded is a better description for that individual, and I cant believe Santa Monica even felt they have to justify themselves? especially when its all false to begin with. Is the media really that important and ignorant? wow.

spunnups3167d ago

If you're like me and go out and find all the chests and secrets, it will easily last 15 hours. God of War I, which I just started replaying recently, I am 8 hours in and nowhere near the end. I play it on Hard mind you.


I am really looking forward to this game and I am really glad that they are calling this sort of crap out.

A nice long single player hack and slash is just what I want.