PlayStation Move Technical Specifications Revealed

Following the eventual revelation of the final name the PlayStation 3's forthcoming motion-controller peripheral and the announcement that it will ship with a sub-controller similar to Wii's Nunchuk accessory last week, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has revealed the technical specifications for the device. Further to this, the hardware manufacturer has also revealed a list of publishers currently working on titles for the device.

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mjolliffe3170d ago

It's not the best thing in gaming, but I'm definitely getting one!

Death24943170d ago

Microsoft will win ultimately



Konami is in.

I hope Silent Hill Shattered Memories remastered in HD compatible with Move on PS3.

EA: Making a ''X'' Hardcore game for Move

FromSoftware: A Demons Souls style for Move.

kevco333169d ago

Just becasue all these publishers have signed-up, doesn't mean they'll ever actually release anything. And if they do, it won't necessairily be good!