PS3 claims 54% of FFXIII sales

The fact that FFXIII has this week claimed the top spot in the ELSPA GfK Chart-Track All Formats Top 40 is of absolutely no shock – but onlookers will be far more interested to see how sales were shared across PS3 and Xbox 360.


As pointed out by some users, these numbers are for the UK market. This wasn't put in the headline as making alterations to the original headline also seems to infuriate.

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What Would Kratos Do3174d ago

There are many more 360's in the UK than PS3's.
So worldwide i'd imagine it would be more like 70% in favour of the PS3.

kingdavid3174d ago

Not by much though.

Honestly, I expected the ps3 version to outsell the 360 by more. Very surprising.

97gsx3174d ago

If you include japan it will be at least 80/20 favoring ps3. But I wonder what this means for versus.

green3174d ago

According to sony fanboys on N4G, it was going to be 70% of sales. Guess there are as many FF13 fans on the 360 as there are on the PS3 the UK. Anyway, back to playing FF13 on my 360.

silvacrest3174d ago

this is the UK so not really surprising, i wont be surprised if i see similar results in the USA, the install base for the 360 in the UK and USA is larger

thereapersson3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Weren't sales higher in the US?

Furthermore, since when do worldwide sales suddenly become important to 360 fanboys?


Now that I think about it, the title of this article is a bit misleading. It should indicate which region the "54 percent of sales" are coming from. Otherwise, people here will see the title and immediately start a flame war, which is already beginning to transpire.

Maybe this site needs more hits?


Bordel_19003174d ago


Yes, because people were only talking about the difference in the UK. You are laughable.

Chris3993174d ago

This is for the UK ONLY. Not the WORLD. In North America sales are 2:1 in favor of the PS3. I'm sure that in certain regions of the US, sales might be on par or close. In CERTAIN REGIONS. Just like the UK is one REGION of Europe. THE most 360 friendly/ dominated region in all of EU. If we look at Europe as a whole, the PS3 version is trouncing the 360 one. If we look at world-wide sales, there is no "success" to be found - sales will be around 5:1. I'd be surprised if Square manages to eke out 1 million sales for the 360 port by the end of the year. That's pretty meek when you consider the size of the install base that they're selling to. These type of games simply do not translate to the 360 audience.

Please refer to this for further humility:

Tapewurm3174d ago

Not sure how this went down everywhere but at the midnight launch event our local Gamestop split the store down the middle...360 owners on one side and PS3 owners on the other to get two lines going so at midnight they could just fire through the preorders...there were over 200 people there and about 25 peeps were in the 360 line.

callahan093174d ago

@green: "according to sony fanboys on N4G, it was going to be 70% of sales"

I'm sorry for being argumentative here, but I don't recall ever seeing anybody claim that the UK sales of FFXIII would favor the PS3 by 70%. Frankly, I don't even recall seeing anyone say that UK sales would favor PS3 at all, much less by such a huge margin. Point me in the direction of some of these comments, please?

The Wood3174d ago

'I'm sorry for being argumentative here, but I don't recall ever seeing anybody claim that the UK sales of FFXIII would favor the PS3 by 70%. Frankly, I don't even recall seeing anyone say that UK sales would favor PS3 at all, much less by such a huge margin. Point me in the direction of some of these comments, please?'

yeah've been called out...The difference is most ps3 fans, myself included dont see you in the same vein as murdadolls and rest of the superfanboy crew. saying things like what you did might just tip the scales for some of us ....ill give you the b of the d and wait for your answer ;)

captain-obvious3174d ago

misleading title
it should say ( in the UK )

HolyOrangeCows3174d ago

Read the article: they're only talking about the UK.

CrazzyMan3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

It`s the STRONGEST(and the only) x360 region in Europe.

In ALL other Europe regions PS3 has already outsold LTD x360 sales long time ago, even though PS3 launched 1.5 years later.

So overall FFXIII sales in Europe will be around 70/30 in favour of PS3. =)

militant073174d ago

Iam playing the suprior version on PS3 but once I complete it, I'll buy it for my 360 and get some achievements and do side quests :)

ShiNe-Box-3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

UK was not in the original title. It's an article written by Brits, for Brits.

Anyway, I'm sure that +80% of FFXIII's overall sales will be on PS3. And that's just a conservative estimate.

KimDongHwan3174d ago

you think you are funny for saying "back to playing FF13 on my 360." like if someone would care, it just showing your stupidity for supporting a bad port.

Mike134nl3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

@KimDongHwan, you certainly seem to care

vhero3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Feel sorry for those 46% owners who got the Wii quality cutscenes version... Also since MS have been dominating multiplatform games in UK so far this is a blow for MS as only MS have advertised the game over here no Sony ads whatsoever. Just shows the true home of FFXIII.

MmaFanQc3174d ago

ps3 will be more than 54% of FFXIII sales

more like 70%

LostDjinn3174d ago
Looks to be a little different to what's being said here.
No mention of the UK in either title is a nice touch too. It could be a future sig type thing for the site. Good work mcvuk.
It's the contrast between actual "journalism" and what you provide that I find special.

DaTruth3174d ago

I'm sure everyone saw the Chart-Track in the article description, so lets stop all the, "It's UK only", in every other comment!

But the author was flamebaiting!

lelo2play3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Like it or not, it was a smart move by Square to release the game in both consoles. They wanted to make more money and they did. They left the console wars to stupid fanboys, that have nothing better to do then to whine and cry. I would not be surprised if FF13 Versus received the same treatment.

Congrats Square, in spite of FF13 not being a great game and having many flaws. This being UK sales chart, if you take out Japanese sales, i believe the rest of the world will have more or less these sales percentages.

iforgotmylogin3174d ago

the fact is also

Microsoft -Commercials
Microsoft - media
Microsoft - anything ffXIII branded
Microsoft - websites adds and media
Microsoft - making it look 360 exclusive

Sony- Nothing

In the end sony sells more Lol. thank god for vs XIII

xXSilentXx3173d ago

In Japan FFXIII sold 3 millon for now!

Anon19743173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Not that I trust VGchartz, I don't, but they're showing the PS3 version of FF Xiii at almost 2 million in Japan alone.

They aren't reporting any other regions or the 360 version yet but that's still amazing even if they're even close.

beardpapa3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Maybe sales are more equal in the US. Take my opinion with a grain of salt. Just that I went to Walmarts, Targets, two Best Buys, and three Toys R Us and the PS3 versions were sold out. There were tons of 360 versions though. I had to go to a Gamestop and get the PS3 version, and the gamestop employee was funny when he said "obviously the ps3 version right?"

Either not many people are purchasing the 360 version in the US, or they didn't anticipate so many people desiring the PS3 version (hence shortages). Anyway, if the shortages pursue, there'd be multi-console consumers like me that was tempted to get the 360 one, so I think sales would reach an equilibrium if that was the case.


You're right about that one. I have yet to see a PS3 commercial for the game. Only 'ad' I've seen for it was the FF13 poster board at Gamestop.

Tomdc3173d ago

there are abou double the number of 360s in the UK than PS3's!!! It's the 360s best market in terms of competing with PS3. Given that there is a percentage in favour of the PS3 despite this is pretty impressive...

Hoggy19833173d ago

I bet half the posters (360 or PS3)who are whining and pulling console bases and sales figures from the ether wont even buy this game.

JokesOnYou3173d ago

Dont know why so many are screaming "its only for the UK", as if folks on this site or reading about game sales news don't know what region chart-track is for, lol. Look it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that micro used FF to grab more mindshare. FF is by far the biggest jrpg and its been associated with the ps platform for quite sometime now; by successfully bringing it over to the 360 and now with the heavy advertising campaign being able to show anywhere near comparable sales with the ps3 version in any region head to head is a major win, especially since its in a genre that has been historically unpopular for the xbox brand. I dont personally see the hype for this franchise and even FF fanboys have admitted the series has been going downhill even before it came to 360, but for whatever reason it remains an key franchise to have on your platform which is why micro went after it, smart business by micro but SE needs to step up their game in their future releases.


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Speed Racer3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

good article, makes sense tome

Michael Myers3174d ago

i think more people need to educate themselves on what version to get, but i understand alot of people have 360's, but if you have a playstation 3, get it for that system. its a no brainer, but most people(not all) who bought the game have not educated themselves, if you dont,you'd have to be...insane

97gsx3174d ago

Reply to michael myers
I think this has to do more with the high cost of everything in the uk.
The ps3 is more than double the cost of arcade 360. The younger gamers just cant afford the ps3 yet.

Denethor_II3174d ago

I think you would have to be a knife wielding maniac to disagree.

Marquis_de_Sade3174d ago

You make it sound as though everyone in the UK is a multi console owner.

Hoggy19833173d ago

I still think the "problems" with the 360 version are massively overated by PS3 owners. If I had the choice I'd get the PS3 version though.

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IrishAssa3174d ago

Guess it was the right chice for square. Anyone who has a Ps3 would obviously get that one because it's the better version but they're making aot of money off the 360 version. Too bad the game is boring. Glad I only rented cause I can't be bothered to finish it

MmaFanQc3174d ago

im 23hrs in and i LOVE IT!

IrishAssa3174d ago

Im a big FF fan. Im 27 hous in and im not gonna play it anymore. Too many tedious battles

Nicaragua3174d ago

Im a big Final Fantasy fan and im forcing myself to play it in order to get some kind of value for money - its a very dull game.

Omega43174d ago

WOW that is seriously close, those exclusive ads really paid off for MS.

Looks like Final Fantasy got a new home on Xbox.

Cyrax_873174d ago

^ do you know how stupid that sounds?

dangert123174d ago

i thought it would be 70/30 to sony but microsoft up in there 2

Cyrax_873174d ago

"What sounds stupid?"

FFXIII's home being on the 360 despite it selling more on the PS3.

pixelsword3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

This is a chart-track for the United Kingdom, where the 360 is killing the PS3 as far as I know; so for the PS3 to scoop-up the most sales in England is like the PS3 getting the most sales from Gears of War 3 in the US if that went multiplatform; or, to use a more realistic scenario, how GTA IV sold more on the PS3 despite the exclusive DLC from Rockstar to the 360.

-MD-3174d ago

I'm sure he just meant the franchise found another home due to it selling so well on it.

It's still selling better on PS3 but I'm sure Square is pleased with the sales.

Cyrax_873174d ago

lol, not that it's worth arguing but he should of said 'another home' like you did, and not 'a new home'.

eagle213173d ago

PS3 gets the quality and the go try and make something witty for your delusional posse to agree with. :)

jakethemuss3173d ago

that account is out of bubbles and cannot reply lol.

Homicide3173d ago

I was expecting total domination from the PS3 since you know FF is known as a PlayStation game and the PS3 version is "better." Very disappointing.

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