Got game? Win an iPad by playing Doodle Run

Jason Evangelho writes:

"Last week, eBattalion released "Doodle Run," an iPhone/iPod Touch game that looks like a fun running/adventure hybrid in a hand drawn world. The screenshots are appealing, the hero's name is Dude, and you get to shoot zombies.

But if you're really skilled, they'll give you a shiny new 16GB iPad!"

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shadowdancer3114d ago

...can the iPad play flash sites yet?

CrAppleton3113d ago

iPad = Fail waiting to happen

Neco5123113d ago

I'd like to see it with the ability to play flash games, but that might hurt Apple's ability to sell games via iTunes.. which means they'll most likely NOT let that happen. Maybe not without a jailbreak :-)

DaRockSays3113d ago

they cant let flash games on their pads itll take there sales awey

reluctant_gamer3113d ago

I hate not being able to look at flash sites. Apple Fail.

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Neco5123113d ago

A free iPad? That's pretty cool! Sign me up for that bad boy

CrAppleton3113d ago

I'm not a fan of the hardware, but I'll take anything for free

reluctant_gamer3113d ago

I'd play the game for the game, but not the iPad.

tehk1w13113d ago

Winning a free iPad is like winning $500. CHACHING

DaRockSays3113d ago

you seen that diamond ipad yet? 20k bucks! crazy ish

reluctant_gamer3113d ago

Yeah, don't think I'll be doing this. iPad is a major fail waiting to happen. Stupid overgrown iPhone.

LinuxGuru3113d ago

I don't want you. I've already got your smaller cousin with everything I'd ever need on it already.

Sucks to be you!

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