RailWorks Mega Bundle 66% Off on Steam

Steam has bundled RailWorks with four pieces of DLC and slashed 66% off the total price, taking a $101.95 package deal down to just $29.99.

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Uncle Rico3172d ago

How about you post to the steam story instead the next time. Also, is this really news worthy?

jamesgtaiv3172d ago

I checked this game out a few times but what keeps steering me away is the fact that DLC is released for it every week. Kinda makes it seem like to get the full experience itll cost you 20 a week. The whole thing just reeks of rip-off.

Faelan3172d ago

Been thinking about getting this one for a while and didn't check Steam because I've been busy in WoW (MMOs and Simulators - what a combo lol). Would have missed the offer had it not been for this post. Much appreciated.

Uncle Rico3172d ago

Nice...I see Erik told you to post this ...

Faelan3172d ago

I have no earthly clue who you're talking about. Frankly, I don't know anyone on these boards, nor do I care.

I'm guessing Erik is the poster of the article? So... you two got some axes to grind and you jumped to conclusions? Or is it just that people aren't allowed to say thanks anymore and whenever someone posts something, the proper etiquette is to flame them? I mean, do tell - I'm curious.