Amazon gives one day discount to Bad Company 2

Infatuated Gamer: Amazon is discounting Battlefield: Bad Company 2 by over 20% as their "Deal of the Day" promotion.

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Dark_Vendetta3196d ago

If you dont have it yet, get it now! It's worth the money

t8503196d ago

4 of us friends got it off steam for 37usd each, try beating that.

ThanatosDMC3195d ago

It looks amazing on my PC on max settings! Still AI teammates in sp mode are a bunch of useless dumbasses... like in all games.

TooTall193195d ago

It's a blast when your team is good. My best mode is SDM. I just wish I would stop getting booted so much.

Gish3195d ago

T850, how do you find the 4 pack on steam? I want to get this once I get some employment, cant use funds on games right now, so want to know for later on.