AVC at GDC '10: An interview with VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh

A.V. Club writes: "If the less-is-more approach to game design had a poster child, it could very well be Irish developer Terry Cavanagh. Two years ago, Cavanagh quit his job as a market-risk analyst, took out a loan, and has been living on that to pursue game-making more seriously. But his decidedly lo-fi, minimalist games aren't trying to capitalize on what's been referred to as the "retro fetish," they look like Commodore 64 games because Cavanagh thinks his self-described inability to draw is an asset, not a hindrance. From the poignant Judith and Best Years to the perplexing Bridge and foreboding Don't Look Back, each of his successive releases have garnered more and more attention, with the spotlight most recently bathing January's unpronounceable VVVVVV."

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