Heavy Rain is the Real Graphics King to Date

With only days away from God of War 3, the game that many have already crowned as the best looking game ever made; another PS3 exclusive by the name of "Heavy Rain", still holds the crown for best graphics to date.

Even after the release of God of War 3, people may find it hard to decide which game actually looks better. Both God of War 3 and Heavy Rain take graphics to a whole new level, but each game's graphics shine with different styles. God of War 3 with the art style graphics, and Heavy Rain with the real life style graphics.

But how real does Heavy Rain really look?

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swiftshot933136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Its already been established that GOWIII is the best looking game on consoles thus far. Heavy Rain looks amazing, but technologically doesnt impress as much as GOWIII (scale, 50 enemies on screen with crazy action, unbelievable animation, textures are off the charts etc..)

There may be a new game announced that can surpass it, but nothing currently announced really has a chance. The only thing that comes to mind is The Last Guardian, and thats only because Team ICO was the one to artistically and graphically push the limits of what was conceived as possible on the PS2 (Shadow of the Colossus still has the most realistic horse animation to date, the scale set new standards, and the art speaks for itself).

And yeah, I know about GT5, Alan Wake, Red Dead, and all the other amazing looking games coming out.

Edit: Forgot U2, but I feel we dont need to mention that game anymore. It held the crown for a good 5 months, everyone knows about it.

Raf1k13136d ago

I'd give best horse animation so far to Assassin's Creed.


I agree with you, but I don't agree with the title of this article. Crysis is the Graphics king and hasn't been beaten yet and has been out, going on 3 years now. What gives? Now if they want to say the "best artistic design king" then I would let the title get a pass. But I still feel as though Crysis's technical prowess surpasses that of art.

champ213136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

dont think any of these titles mentioned on the ps3 surpass the graphics of multiplat games on pc. let alone crysis.

If we are talking consoles only then yea.. 360 got nothing.

tombraider, AC1, AC2 (pc) > unchart 1 or 2, GOW3
any multiplat fps pc > killzone 2
grid, dirt2 pc > gt5

PS3 barely runs its exclusives in 720p, calling its titles graphics king overall is ignorant. Sure in console terms 360 doesnt hold a candle compared to the ps3, but lets not carried away none of the current gen consoles can compare in terms of graphics to even a mid range pc these days.

ps3ftwin3136d ago

Tried the demo for Gow 3 on my friends PS3, the game looks awesome. I would have a hard time picking which looks better uncharted 2 or Gow 3.

Its gonna be a great game and a day 1 buy for me. I also game on the PC alot these days. Sony exclusives are really good and show how much the PS3 can be pushed, however i wouldnt go as far as naming them graphics king compared to games running on PC.

StanLee3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I don't know why all this hoopla is made about Heavy Rain's graphics. It's all static. I may as well be CGI. Nothing about the game is dynamic and in those scene where you're directly in control, the animation isn't great.

ChickeyCantor3136d ago

"I'd give best horse animation so far to Assassin's Creed."

What about shadow of the collosi? basically physic tweening!!!

Redempteur3136d ago

"PS3 barely runs its exclusives in 720p"

you're not serious ?

remember wipeout hd (1080p 60fps) ?
White knight ( yeah it's 1080p too )

Also i don't think that 720p with all effects on screen ( ff13,gow3, killzone) is something to NOT brag about ...

To be sure you understand my point i will not even talk about uncharted 2 ..

bakasora3136d ago

Real life Madison is so hot

L-Teezy3136d ago

@ swiftshot93 GOWIII hasnt came out yet and HR came the article meant HR holds the crown UNTIL GOW release.
on another note, i just finished my 1st playthrough of HR last night. that club scene with madison = WOW! that was probably the best looking part of any game i've seen yet.

jamesgtaiv3136d ago

although the games great and the graphics are really good, I wouldnt go as far as to call them the best. I can get GTA on the pc to look almost as good using the ENB series mod along with some texture replacers. Not sure if that counts though.

Blaze9293136d ago

let's not get carried away. Been playing Heavy Rain and only Heavy Rain for about a week now (81% trophies) but the visuals of the game do not stay consistent. While some environments look amazing, others look kind of bad. Same goes for facial textures and other details. The close up on the game loading screens look amazing but in-game sometimes it was totally different.

Perjoss3136d ago

I think FF13 looks very nice, maybe technically its not that great but visually and from an art standpoint I love it.

ColdFire3136d ago

It is unquestionably true that Crysis is still graphics king, as for multi-plat, I guess, Dirt 2 does has a lots of graphics stuff GT5 lacks. They REALLY need to be saying best CONSOLE graphics.

creatchee3136d ago

I just started playing Heavy Rain yesterday. The graphics are awesome, but the thing that gets me the most is the immersion factor. From the convinving crowd sequences to realistic building design, it is tops.

BTW - I bring up realistic building design because has anyone ever noticed that most games have buildings that don't seem like something an architect would ever sign off on? Heavy Rain actually does, which I applaud wholeheartedly.

As to GOW - the graphics are different. It's more of an animated-type feel to it where Heavy Rain goes more realistic. Honestly, I don't think that they can be fairly compared.

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Jamie Foxx3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Heavy rain has the best skin textures,graphically amazing. Gow3 I can't comment fully on till I receive this week but its good to see ps3 exclusives upping each other for graphical supremacy,I'm sure there is a little competition between the studios to outdo each other,that is the sign of great developers never satisfied or resting on their laurels.

Gt5, last guardian and killzone 3 I am sure will continue the trend

TheLastLevel3136d ago

I'm expecting big things from The Last Guardian, Team Ico pushed the ps2 to breaking point, and everyone know how great that looked. The Last Guardian will be incredible and another graphical milestone will be achieved in the era of ps3.

And yes GT5 no doubt will be THE BEST LOOKING GAME which it's competitors can only dream of achieving. I actually bought a 42' 1080p just for this game lol.

Ps3 is awesome. :)

Natsu X FairyTail3136d ago

UC2 looks better to me. the color palette makes the game shine.

Nicholas Cage3136d ago

2 years ago it was gears...then uncharted 1 topped gears,then uncharted 2 came out, and i dont think anything tops uncharted 2. maybe just maybe...god of war 3.

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