Kotaku: Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack Also Features Ridiculous Price

Kotaku: "Popping onto Xbox Live spokesman Larry Hryb's podcast to promote Modern Warfare 2's upcoming "Stimulus Package" map pack (which is launching first on Microsoft's console), Infinity Ward's Robert bowling revealed that the five maps - two of which are old maps being re-released for this game - will cost 1200 Microsoft Points."

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animboo2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

WTF, are they really serious about this price..?
15 dollars for 5 maps, and 2 of those are old maps from the first modern warfare, talk about running the franchise to the ground.
now let me think if i'm gonna migrate to bad company 2 or wait for medal of honor.

dangert122924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

you can get a fully playable old games that dom't require another disc to play or even a disk to play 'xbox originals' for that price =/

worst thing is the content is already on the disk 2!!!!

@ MysticStrummer since the content is already on the disk i think you can exspect to see the glitches like the ones that are currently unlocked

LesterCorncrake2924d ago

thank fjck for game sharing on the ps3, me and 5 of my mates will share it for about $3 each

bruddahmanmatt2924d ago

FAILness at its finest. I'd ask "when will Activision ever learn" but I think the real question here is "when will gamers ever learn?" Speak with your wallet or prepare to meet Ben Dover.

vhero2924d ago

If you buy this you havn't switched to BC2 already and are really sad. If you moan saying you cannot afford trade in MW2 they still giving a good price for it.

Blaster_Master2924d ago

forget MW2 and Bad Company 2. Just do what I did and trade them in for a real shooter like MAG or Killzone 2.

execution172924d ago

the limits 3 now so your stuck paying $5 each and leaving 2 friends out in the cold, yea i know it sucks they dropped the limit to by 2 downloads

bjornbear2924d ago

i beg to differ

I'm a big KZ2 fan, but i didn't enjoy MAG

however, I love BF:BC2 (im a BF fan =D loved BF:1942 =))

i think all those except MW2 are fantastic MP games, different for different people

but MW2 is just down right broken, noobish and boring

MmaFanQc2924d ago

i will too busy playing ffxiii, gow3 and bfbc2 to waste money on mw2

andron6662924d ago

I never really got into MW2 mp like I did with it's predecessor anyway. I'm playing BBC2 now so, it doesn't matter...

Nevers2924d ago


Yeah.. I really feel like spending more $$$ on this broken P.O.$. /sarcasm.

Rockox2924d ago

I was fully expecting this to be at least $10 (800 points) and wondered if they'd try to gouge people for more. The sad truth is that alot of people are going to get these maps no matter the cost. And if this sells well, expect to see $20 map packs within a year.

AAACE52923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

On the one hand, I like playing MW2 no matter how many people hate it, so obviously I want the maps.

On the other hand, you know they will release a few of these map packs. And later this year they will release a GOTY version with all map packs included for $60 like they do every year.

So what to do? Buy them individually? Wait til the GOTY hits? Or tell Activision to go F themselves?

Decisions, decisions!

BTW, they always do a special deal on XBL where they cut the price after a couple months. I waited until the MW 1 maps hit 400 points before I got those. So I am guessing they believe people will buy the maps when they hit 800 pts. and all the fanatics will just buy them at 1200 pts.

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MysticStrummer2924d ago

I wonder if the glitches will be all new or if the pack will include some classic glitches as well.

tdrules2924d ago

probably both, hence the price, so much value!

MK_Red2924d ago

Of course, it wouldn't be Activision without ridiculous prices and not paying royalties to actual devs.

qface642924d ago

activision is getting annoyed by all the glitchers on MW2 they are getting those glitches FOR FREE

so they are going to start releasing DLG (downloadable glitches)
for a hefty price of course

just wait when these maps are released im expecting at least 5 new exploits to be made available