Folklore Import Hands-On

Gamespot reports:

We travel to Netherworld and absorb the souls of monsters in the Japanese version of Sony's upcoming action role-playing game.

We've been looking forward to Folklore ever since we first got our hands on it at last year's Tokyo Game Show, when it was known as Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realms. Folklore is headed to territories outside of Japan at some point, but with no release date confirmed, we could wait no longer and decided to import the finished Japanese game, which, after a few title changes, was ultimately released as Folk's Soul.

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deepujatt20054185d ago

this game is going to be fun for japanese people....

i played the demo it was allright

Nicosia4185d ago

Nobody seems hyped up about this one, i am looking forward. Got some intresting aspects.

Maddens Raiders4185d ago

I've had it downloaded for a couple of weeks now and have found myself going back to play with the two characters again. Nothing earth-shattering, but the gameplay is straightforward and engaging. I'm looking forward to collecting all of the creatures' powers in the full game. It wouldn't hurt if I was a little more versed in Japanese, but the artwork is nothing short of beautiful. I must also comment on the musical score which is so, so soothing. Solid demo so far and looks to be a game I'll add to my evergrowing library.

MK_Red4185d ago

Haven't played the demo but the artistic visuals are nice IMO.

Figboy4185d ago

i *LOVE the demo, so i'm really looking forward to diving into this game when it releases in October.

i just hope it won't get overlooked by the other great games hitting around the same time.