Are You A Gaming Collector? Part 1: Assassin's Creed


"If you collect gaming merchandise we want to see your collection.

What happens when you mix cool Collector's Editions of games, a passion for a certain gaming licence and a tendency to collect things since childhood?

Well you get something like my Assassin's Creed collection.

Yes I have Big Daddies, Brothers In Arms figurines, and tins galore, but pride of place (and the only bit of my gaming collection allowed in the house and not the garage) is my collection of Assassin's Creed gear."

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BadCircuit3171d ago

Man that Ezio hidden blade is pretty cool. I have a few things but most of my CE come with soundtracks or artbooks....I don't get many figures.

XboxOZ3603171d ago

Some figurines are just tragic sadly, I was really expecting something special with the Resident Evil 5 Collectors Edition, and then found the Chris figurine inside - all of 2" tall if that . . . and it was very 'average' in quality . . .

XboxOZ3603171d ago

Collector's are a funny breed, we collect things others think are a waste of money.

But there's something special about owning an item that connects you to a game, movie or story. We're looking at those who have game collections, specifically Collectors or Limited Edition items, games and consoles.

I'll be popping my stuff up there real soon, which will include some rare console that can give you both a headache, and nausea all at once. So guess what that one is .. ?

And if you want to getting into costs, then think along the lines of sci-fi collectors of weapons and such, with some costing literally thousands of dollars a pop.

So I think game-collecting (Limited and Collectors Edition gear) is somewhat cheaper in comparison . . .

I have got the Forza 3 250 Gig Elite Bundle that only came out in the UK, whoot!

gaminoz3171d ago

I think some of the Collector's Stuff looks really cool but once you have it there's nowhere to put it!

I have that Alone in the Dark one, and I don't even like the game.

It seems rather pointless sometimes, and the wife certainly doesn't understand the attraction to these toys.

Still if you have a certain franchise you like, getting everything to do with it can be an attraction. I'd love to see what others have.

XboxOZ3603171d ago

Well I suppose I'm lucky, I have my own room set up, the advantages of being single I suppose.

But yes, sometimes there is a limited amount of space one can dedicate to these collections, but some are very serious collections, costing many thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Some are even considered an "asset" by lending bodies these days - seriously, they are. A friend used his collection of "Matchbox" cars ,which was extensive mind you, as collateral for a loan extension on his home . . go figure. He didn't realise just how 'valuable' they were until the guy came around to view the house . . .

He was gobbed smacked . .

Belgavion3171d ago

I have nothing against collector's editions or the figurines, but I find probably 90% of them to be a complete waste of money. Very few of the figurines are of decent quality and I doubt any of them will become valuable because of the sheer number produced. Most special items out of collector's editions like the goggles from MW2 or the Big Daddy mini-statue from Bioshock are only sought after during the first few weeks of release of the game.

There's definitely some examples of nice packaging (Dante's Inferno Death Edition) and if you think your shelf looks better with fatter cases and tins then more power to ya.

XboxOZ3603171d ago

I have a shelf/s for the normal editions and one for the collectors editions etc.

That way my normal games can look happily together, and the collectors attract some attention when ppl come to visit . .

These collections have been going for years, decades actually, it's just that they have become more well known in the last few years, as publishers realise the ability they have at selling pre-order copies and attracting discussion on the games.

Take away the collectible items, and just have normal casings etc, and most games wouldn't gain much attention on a shelf in stores. Which is why they do what they do with regards to collectors editions.

Many now are exclusive to certain stores, and even press can not get hold of them from the publishers, as the retailers in question have their copies locked down tight, and they can not be given away, unless by the retailers.

gaminoz3171d ago

@ Belgavion

Yeah some of the prices those more limited figures get just after release are crazy!

Belgavion3171d ago

I know. If you're wanting to make money off limited edition contents you have to get the items on ebay as soon as possible. Nobody seems to care a few months later. Look at the Halo 3 cat helmets - everyone and their dog (or cat) wanted one for that first month of release and then 6 months on there were still retailers that couldn't get rid of them for shelf price.

One problem is that very few 'limited editions' are truly limited. Most of them you can buy off the shelf on release day or weeks later. If publishers only released REALLY small quantities though and even pre-ordering couldn't make sure you secure one then everyone would get pissed off. So it's no surprise there's an abundance of them come release day.

Personally I think it is better spending money just on the regular edition and putting the extra cash towards another game.

XboxOZ3603170d ago

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no, it depends on the Limited Edition item.

I purchased a simple little so-called console for not too much, and have held hold of it simply out of wonderment, and today the item is worth close to $US400, yet at the time of its release, it was less than that.

I also had a rather rare Dreamcast, which is a real limited edition, and is still wrapped up in bubble-wrap from the factory, and in that condition, is worth 4 times more than it was originally, plus the fact there were only 1500 of them made, and of that number, only 750 saw retail sales.

Some say the old 1st-gen xbox is worthless, makes a great door stop.

I have 5 Limited editions, had a few more, but sold a few, one of which I got over $900 for. It was one of the few thousand made in "Kasumi " Blue (they did two runs of the unit as it was so popular and sold out before release onto shelves in Japan).

They also made a "White" one which also has high dollar value still.

The five I own are still valued at over the RRP they originally sold for, yet were still readily available before the Xbox did eventually get 'retired' . .

SO now, after some time, many collectors are on the hunt once more for such purchases to ad to their "collections".

Collecting is a long term investment, not a short term windfall.