Game Titles That Sound Like a Bunch of Random Words

Stephen Kelley from VGChartz writes, "For the game developer that needs a title quick, a thesaurus and a random word generator may be a good idea, but these did not come out right.

Some games have amazing titles that stick into people's minds forever, while others sound so bizarre that folks scratch their heads in confusion. I'll admit that it must be hard to create a worthwhile game title, one that sells games simply by name alone. This collection of ten games did not meet that mark, and sound like a random pile of words pulled out of a hat. These are in no particular order."

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MasterChief36243115d ago

Most of those titles do make sense, either in the context of their respective stories, or just plain make sense in the title.

The only ones I agree with are Every Extend Extra Extreme and Divine Divinity. But Divine Divinity just because it sounds redundant.

With the way they put these other titles up, though, I'm surprised they didn't throw something up like Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, or whatever it's called :P

DJexs3114d ago

Lol true but for the most part this is my first time seeing most of these I lead a sheltered gaming life.

gaffyh3114d ago

Infinite Undiscovery on that list is what I first thought of when I read the title of this article. Mainly because the name makes no sense, it basically means "Never finding anything," so erm what's the point of playing the game?

skwidd3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Revenge Joe's Brother FTW!!!

I thought of Metal Gear Solid too but it has a wicked ring to it and DID in fact make the game very intrigueing. All the time I wanted to see this "Metal Gear" thing! Heck it's the title! So, it worked for me. XD

DJexs3114d ago

dude that one makes sense Metal Gears are what the giant mechs in the game are called and the protagonist is SOLID Snake.

ChozenWoan3114d ago

not to mention that Solid Snake is in a way a "Metal Gear" himself. I would say more but I don't want to spoil anything for those who have not played MGS4.

Tony P3114d ago

@DJ: Most titles aren't weird when you learn *why* they've been chosen. That's why it's a list of titles that *sound* weird.

Metal Gear Solid sounds pretty damn weird if you know nothing about the game.

Just as there are people who still ask why it's called "Final" Fantasy when there are 14 of them.

Timesplitter143114d ago

Jesus Christ you guys need to calm down. You're paranoid.

Saying Metal Gear Solid sounds random doesn't mean it's a bad game.

Look at Beefstew4u. He's got 5 disagrees and I bet he even lost a bubble or something.

ak3nji3114d ago

Infinite undiscovery...we all play this's called "life"...

Beefstew4u3114d ago

Ya, I know what Metal Gear Solid actually means lol. I only own and love all 4 games. You can't deny that if you had never heard of it before and someone told you that name you would just be like "wat?".

Thanks to the people who defended me! It seems that no matter what kind of comment you make on N4G, you just get disagrees...

SixZeroFour3114d ago

i thought metal gear solid was a car wreck kinda game like twisted metal and vigilante the first time i heard of it

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33114d ago

Those rainbow 6 games always seemed like the titles were a little overelaborate.

When they reach part six, can they just call it Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six?

Ivan Drago IV3114d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth lol.

Dnied3114d ago

wtf is tech romancer lol

SixZeroFour3114d ago

someone who romances technology, thought it was obvious :S

Anorexorcist3114d ago

It sounds like some divine toothbrush!

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