Robert Bowling:'Majority' of it's 25 million unique players on the Xbox 360

This Sunday Xbox Live's Major Nelson released his weekly podcast. One of his guests this week was Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling. In the interview Bowling addressed Modern Warfare 2's recent achievement of 25 million unique users claiming that the "the majority of these users are from Xbox Live". This could give some insight as to why the Xbox 360 players might get access to the upcoming downloadable content ahead of gamers on other platforms.

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josh143993116d ago

fps always sells better on 360 due to it being the average 360 gamers favourite genre.

FanboyAttack3116d ago

I wonder what percentage of users it is. I dont own this for PS3 just for preference of controllers but thats the big complaint I hear from my friends on the game for the PS3, that the controls for MW2 on the PS3 feel weird. I dont know I have never played it, but that might be a reason.

ASSASSYN 36o3116d ago

Yeah user I think it is the controller and xbox-live.

-Alpha3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I am pretty sure that the game is getting DLC first to the Xbox because MS paid for timed exclusivity not because the 360 is the leading console for the fanbase.

Multiplatforms always sell better on the 360 anyway, especially an online shooter.

Anyways, good luck trying to sell that crap IW. Bad Company 2 owns the ever living hell out of MW2 in terms of enjoyment for me personally, and I am not going back to your awful casual garbage, especially with all those issues still at large and with BC2 having awesome free content. Suck it!

-MD-3116d ago

I can't take FPS games seriously when I'm playing with a PS3 controller. It's that bad.

Great for fighters though.

-Alpha3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

For the first time, when I was playing MAG, I had the controller hurt my hands a little.

I have no problem with the PS3 controller but a lot of people do and I think Sony really should have redesigned the controller or offered an alternate, bigger one. The Dualshock is a good controller but needs an upgrade after 3 generations. The Boomerang was a stupid attempt, though I still want to hold one for some reason.

The 360 controller is an awesomely designed controller. It's size is great, the analog sticks are indented which increases resistance and the triggers curve out instead of in like SIXAXIS. I admit some of the design choices of the DS3 are dumb and that Sony should offer a bigger controller for other players but I really don't notice it when playing a game.

IMO the DS3 needs to be slightly bigger and spaced out, the triggers need to curve out (duh), the analog sticks need to be indented in, and overall that's it. People seem to like the left stick switched with the DPad, though I'm not sure if it makes a big difference. But yeah, the 360 controller is much better designed, and I hear a lot of complaints about the DS3 but I've had very little. The best part is the DPad and the USB charging ability. The 360 is a battery drainer.

-MD-3116d ago

It's far too small and the analogs don't work well for fps games.

Spiderman3116d ago

I would be interested to know what the breakdown is for the 3 platforms.

360 - 14m
PS3 - 7m
PC - 4m

presto7173116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

What a load of sugar coated bullsh*t!! There is nothing wrong with the ps3 conrtoller for shooters. Guess what? i've played halo with your almighty 360 controller and it feels just the same. Stop talking out of ur ass.

one person started this whole "360 controller better for shooters"
junk and retards just sheepishly follow just so they can talk sh*t

RememberThe3573116d ago

The R2/L2 buttons are crap, frankly, and the controller is a little too small for my hands. But I also have grown up with the DS controller so I'm used to it. I have no problems playing an FPS with either controller.

Megaton3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

360 controllers have better triggers, but that's why most FPS have R1 mapped for shooting on PS3. I much prefer the symmetrical design of the DualShock controllers (analog placement is piss-poor on the 360 controller IMO), and I do have big hands myself. Big enough to comfortably handle the original Xbox's bear claw of a controller. The only time I had a hard time playing with a DualShock was after 3 years of only playing PC games, and at that point I think any controller would have been a hurdle.

El_Colombiano3116d ago


This man speaks nothing but the truth.

WildArmed3116d ago

I prefer Mouse/keyboard over controllers any day though.

But my PC rig isn't made for long hour gaming. It heats up pretty fast.
The only reason why I buy my FPSs on console.. ofc I'm not a big fan of FPSs.
Last FPS I bought was in Feb 09. I borrow a few games here and there from my friends and they never stuck with me.
MAG beta nearly had me going, but decided to get WKC instead (good call on my part, I'm loving every minute of WKC... most of you on my friend's list probably already realized that lol)

Then there was bfbc2.. WOW the beta was a blast. Maxed out every class for the fun of it...
But then I got into WKC and forgot about this gem.

I'm actually considering picking up GoW3 and Bfbc2 on my b'day, this wednesday.

Actually my spring break starts 22nd march, so it'll be great timing too.

err.. where was i?
Oh yeah, Mw2.
Um, no doubt about it. My Live account's friend list is still full of Mw2. While my ps3 counterpart is all over the place (from games from June 08.. like MGS4, and more recent games like Demons souls and inFAMOUS.)

I'm personally not a fan of MW2.. i enjoyed the Spec ops mode but the lack of match making broke it for me.

But anyways, Kodus to IW for it.

trancefreak3116d ago

The dualshock 3 is a high precession very comfortable handheld device designed buy state of the art engineers with a rumble and weight 2nd to none. its compact design allows for extended gaming periods without hand cramping in normal users.

The 360 controller reminds me of an overweight uncomfortable tank with a horrible d-pad, ugly design and 2 oversized batteries sticking out of the controllers rear for uneven weight distribution making it the heaviest brick ive ever used.

FanboyAttack3116d ago

Totally agree Alpha, Bad Company owns Mw2 in terms of gameplay, graphics, but still more people play Call of Duty because its more friendly to pick up and play casual gamers. If you haven't played bad company in awhile and you just pop it in you get eaten up pretty quick Modern Warfare is a lot more N00b friendly.

MNicholas3116d ago

Why isn't he giving actual numbers?

-Alpha3116d ago


The rumble in DS3 is weaker than DS2. "state of the art engineers"? Please prove it.


Sorry but you don't speak for everybody and there are objective facts at hand that indicate that the 360 is better designed: indented analog sticks and curved out triggers are two very important factors for comfort that the DS3 does not have, not to mention that size is smaller which is troublesome for some users.

Blaze9293116d ago

didnt we all realize this the day pre-order numbers were released? Why is this news again

DaTruth3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Fanboyism doesn't qualify as "objective facts"!

That is your opinion and that is all! The reason why Playstation uses the same controller for 15 years is because nobody ever complained! IN 15 YEARS!

Crazyhorse3116d ago

Well I guess if a game developers tweets that they just took a crap that looks like a triforce is news. Then when Robert Bowling says that the majority of their gamers are on the Xbox 360 I suppose it's news

Absolut_Turkey3116d ago

The PS3 is by far the more superior of the "console controllers". And like someone said earlier, there's a damn good reason why Sony didn't change it's controller from the PS2. Because it's perfect. It's symmetrical, it's better to hold ergonomically, oh and it's wireless.

kenlawson3116d ago

It might be superior for some games, but no way for FPS. It's crap for FPS. With FPS being the most popular that's why more people plays it on Xbox 360.

streety519a3116d ago

The 360 controller is also wireless. Whats your point?

presto7173116d ago

Your argument is based on the assumption that the features you mentioned are universally desirable. Well guess what? I think that indented analog sticks suck. And I am sure there are people out there who would say the same. I also think that it is dumb to not have both analog sticks properly aligned. And that large controllers are unnecessarily bulky and therefore uncomfortable. Again, some would say the same.

There is nothing objective in any of this. Plus I dont speak for everybody. I acknowledge the fact that there are some, such as yourself that would tend to disagree. But you see there is no right and wrong in this. Some people just there is...

-Alpha3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Why does saying the 360 controller> PS3 controller= Fanboyism?

"Your argument is based on the assumption that the features you mentioned are universally desirable."

The features I mentioned increase resistance. What is wrong with increased resistance? I am not saying that they are universally desirable, but they are universally better designed to promote better control.

"I think that indented analog sticks suck"

So you prefer less resistant analog sticks and triggers that cause easier slip offs? Any reason why by the way? If you mean alignment, okay, but I'm talking about the indentation. Many times, specifically when playing Stardust HD, my thumbs have slipped around. Never does that happen with an indented analog stick.

You said "One guy" said the 360 controller was better and then said everyone followed like a sheep. You are admitting some people have preferences and that is fine. I consider size, alignment, etc. preference but definitely not increased resistance. I don't think it makes a big difference in the end but I think the 360 controller was better designed from a designer standpoint than the PS3 controller. The triggers and analog sticks are a key example of this. In the same manner, in terms of consumption you could argue the PS3 controller is better designed because of the built in battery.

onanie3116d ago

There is no fact in what you claim, alpha.

"Increased resistance" is indeed a matter a preference.

I have also never experienced any "slip" on the DS3 analogue sticks.

Bot Smasha3116d ago

Well its either play cod or play with their little avatar on the dashboard they have nothing else to play.

presto7173116d ago

I dont like triggers slipping off so in that regard I prefer concave to convex. But for analog sticks, you could say its the exact opposite. It all boils down to preference see... Nothing universal. Nothing universally desired. Nothing universally better designed. See...

-Alpha3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Well here is my line of thinking:

Increased resistance is good.
The 360 controller, in the features I mentioned have more increased resistance than what the PS3 offers.

Therefore, the 360 controller is better in that regard.

I don't really know why you don't prefer it as u haven't outlined an argument why other then you just don't, but I do think that the 360 controller is designed to promote better control. Since u disagree it's not universal, but I do think it's a valid and sound argument. But that's ok, this was about IW so apologies for digressing.

Also I am not saying that the PS3 controller is bad, and maybe the effect is minimal at most, but I'm saying the design is better on the 360. Hell we have 3rd party triggers that many have bought just because its increases resistance.

I wasn't saying the preference was universal, but I mean the design of the 360 controller is much better aimed to promote better control-- perhaps universal was the wrong word, but I don't see why indented analog sticks and curved out triggers are worse than popped out analog sticks that have a slip off design and triggers that have the same slip off design.

It's like a bike with plastic handle grips and a bike with rubber handle grips: ultimately it's preference but I don't think it's logical to say the plastic handle grips are better designed for control over rubber plastic grips.

And what do you mean its opposite with analog sticks' indented design? You said u prefer concave but why ditch that logic for analog sticks when it's the exact same point? Anyways, this is my last bubble so I gotta let it go, but I wasn't trying to say that the 360 controller is overall vastly and objectively superior, just those two features would lead one to say it has key features better designed and accepting the point of controllers, one would have to agree logically.

But thanks for the discussion

HSx93116d ago

Or maybe because Microsoft payed a few mil...

DelbertGrady3116d ago

Yeah. It has nothing to do with the fact that the 360 controller is superior for FPS games and that XBOX Live is a better service. Also add in that people on XBLA use headsets and communicate with each other, which is essential in using any form of tactics and strategy.

onanie3116d ago

What you "think" is not "fact", alpha. Your opinion is not the only one. The 360 controller is not necessarily better.

presto7173116d ago

Thanks. I guess all I was saying is that not everyone likes the same thing, but some people go on as if their opinion is absolute. There is just no such thing. I guess you feel that the 360 controller is better designed; I'm not going to sit here and tell you that that is wrong. I'm just saying that I have a different stance on the matter.

Mikeyy3116d ago

Bunch of Handicap charity cases here.

I can play COD on my PS3 controller fine. Learn not to suck mabey?

lsujester3116d ago

@ Soda -- communicate tactics and strategy? If calling each other [email protected] is strategy, then Live is chock full of masterminds. LOL

But I prefer some parts of each controller. I like the triggers of the 360 controller better, having my finger in that indentation makes me seem in control much more. But I prefer the sticks on the DS3, mainly because of the opposite reason. I don't put the tips of my thumbs on the sticks, I use the meat of my thumbs. With the DS3, I have more surface touching, so I feel it more than I do with the indented sticks of the 360.

I prefer the size of the 360 controller, as my hands are big, but the D-pad of the DS3 is vastly superior (IMO). You'll win and lose no matter what controller you have.

pixelsword3116d ago

The PS3, if it was bigger, would be the best configuration

I like the size of the 360 controller, but I had that the sticks aren't where the PS3 sticks are. I just might mod a 360 controller to put the sticks in the same place, and another one where the controller is Ps3 compatible.

na2ru13116d ago

are actually of PS3 version. Very good players so not sure if complaining about the controller is convincing anymore.

JonnyBadfinger3116d ago

Say what you want about it being the only game 360 fanboys have to play... still doesnt change the fact that the game is also the #1 multiplayer game on the PS3 and PSN... but of course thats another story with a perfectly good excuse, right?

I f***en hate MW2 seriously, most ridiculous crap ive played since CoD4, oh wait? SNAP!
bring on Treyarchs next installment in the CoD franchise.

jamesgtaiv3116d ago

Unique is one word for them.

Sheikh Yerbouti3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

for all the reasons stated, but the controller is not going to stop you from playing a console.

I hate the R2 button. I'm always hitting it. I like the weight of the 360 controller, especially compared to the wimpy Suxassis. Analog placement is neither here or there with me, but I can see how it can throw someone off.

Maybe the Move will be a better alternative...doubtful.

Danny Dan3116d ago

I have both the PS3 and 360 versions of MW2. I like the 360s design to grip the controller better and of course the triggers are better of course. The PS3 I like because of its symmetry, DPAD and joysticks.

As far as MW2 goes, one thing I have found that easily trumps the 360s version of the game is the joysticks. For those who have both games, you feel such a major difference in the smoothness and sensitivity of the PS3's controller. I have better accuracy on the PS3 than on the 360 or at least feel that way. Theres more to it of course but this little video explains how I feel about the controllers exactly and pretty good watch too. Check it out:

At the end of the day, its all about what you feel comfortable with and what you're use to, be it the 360, PS3 or a keyboard.

Akagi3116d ago

Are you girls or something? The PS3 is perfect- since PS1-through-PS3.

nycredude3116d ago

Are they still talking about MW already.. Hurry up and kill this POS franchise already.

agentace3115d ago

This will make everything better. I cant play without them. They make the triggers the right way up & make the controller feel bigger.

DS3+these=best controller

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math3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

This is true, the FPS Multiplayer craze started on consoles started on Xbox Live so it makes a lot of sense for it to have more players.

pixelsword3116d ago

PC's really started the craze (even I still game on the PC at work when I'm not designing).

Sheikh Yerbouti3116d ago

Some are unaware, they're have always been Microsoft fanboys. I remember CompSci students in grad school deriding me for have an Apple. "There's no good software. The Apple will be dead in five years." Yeah if all it was good for was playing Doom and Command & Conquer. I had my Playstation for that.

Dance3116d ago

That is a lot of unique players

krouse933116d ago

I only play it on PS3 though since I use my PS3 for online and the Xbox for exclusives (mostly) And I usually just get everything else on PS3 because of Blu-Ray and support for Sony and their stellar First Party Studio games.

Spiderman3116d ago

Same with me except i have a PS3 and PC.

I play all online stuff on PS3, and get games like Metro, splinter cell etc on PC.

I have no interest in Halo or Gears of War, which is the only 2 series of games the 360 has over the PC.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213116d ago


I almost use my 360 exclusively for exclusives while I play multiplatforms and exclusives for PS3.

streety519a3116d ago

Most of my pals own 360's so I use that for online gaming, and my PS3 for exclusives and single player games.

Spiderman3116d ago

At the end of the day, you play the games you like, doesnt matter what system its on.

lsujester3116d ago

I like to live in Bizarro world, so I watch movies on my 360, and use my PS3 solely for offline FPS.

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