Sony emphasizes 'precision' as it unveils motion-sensing video game controller Playstation Move

LATimes: Sony unveiled a new motion-sensing video game controller called the Playstation Move at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday and made a less-than-subtle attempt to contrast it with the major competition, Nintendo's Wii.

"I think we mentioned 'precision' a couple of times, so I hope we got that across," Sony Computer Entertainment America marketing vice president Peter Dille said at the end of his presentation, emphasizing his company's key talking point on how the Move differs from Nintendo's motion-sensing Wii-mote.

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whateva2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

and the games are not wii rip offs Sony made games like wii sports and wii play on the EyeToy called Eyetoy Sports and Eyetoy Play before the wii even came out.

Apocalypse Shadow2924d ago

ps3 is just getting WARMED UP.

and i love that skeleton dr marks was "pimpin."

let's let the gamers see it all in full as to see the accuracy and no LAG.

it only does EVERYTHING.

GR8 12923d ago

Sony's Lag infested motion controller is gonna flop.

Sonyslave32923d ago

LOL to all the dumb droids people are comparing this to Wii first generation games not M+ that say a lot.

He speaks the truth about sony and their slaves
Playstation Move Is Inferior to Wii Motion Controls