Imagine 3D Ping Pong with PlayStation Move

Patrick Steen at PSUni:

"Just a little thought for you to mull over as the weekend comes to a close. Now that we have PlayStation Move and 3D coming to the PlayStation 3 later this year, it has been a much missed point that Sony could combine the two in spectacular and original experiences.

The PlayStation 3 will be getting an update to enable 3D output this summer, and with 3D TVs being announced by a number of manufacturers, it's time to start thinking about 3D gaming – a medium that could truly benefit the most from the technology. Naturally, gaming is now pretty much a 3D medium, and to enjoy these 3D environments beyond a 2D TV will open up experiences we might not have imagined before."

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halojunkie3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

as im about to leave for work im going to see about 2000 people in their cars driving to their work...most likely the uquivelant of the n4g members. n4g members are probably 1 60,000 of gamers across the world. and i think 12 million people are buying the move. a little ant has no say so. and move pong will revolutionize gaming as we know it.

MrMacabre3115d ago

That table tennis game does seem like a great example of how 3d can be used to bring greater depth and immersion into games. In a move tech demo they showed this weird skeleton thingy punching the screen (1:1 I might add) and its fist would have looked great in 3d :P

Apocalypse Shadow3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

even **music videos** like that one could be redone to pop out your screen and you could get a real good LOOK at those big booty!

ps3 has some amazing technology.i just hope sony's developers are thinking like we do.

Death24943115d ago

explain why Natal is awesome

Ravage273115d ago

i knew there can be no game with greater potential than a 3D Demon's Souls 2 with Move support.

I'm still waiting for it...

techie3114d ago

PS move can just about do Natal capabilities...hopefully the software makers will show what it can do.

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Apocalypse Shadow3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

unlike some other company that chickens out and won't show the public or developers that their tech WORKS...

sony has shown so many possibilities on their tech.PS Move is the balance between the wiimote and natal.but does things they do not.

augmented reality:
video conference
and interactivity:

we also got to see more at GDC as sony is not scared to show their tech to REAL PEOPLE and not CELEBRITIES.

gamers can vision 3D star wars coming out the screen,video conferencing with their friends as their avatars pop out the screen in 3D,they can invision as games like golf,football basketball,etc have the ball coming out the screen or bouncing towards's hard to put it all in.

3D games,3D movies,3D video conferencing,3D pictures,even music equalizers that we see for ps3 can now pop out in amazing 3D.sounds crazy,but to SEE things like this visualizer coming out your screen is crazy:
even the planet earth on ps3 could visually be sitting right in front of you out of the screen and you could interact with it with the PS Move.

you could rotate the planet or sony could add the whole fricken solar system for you to interact with.

even that weird sh!t detuned that i bought would pop out the screen in 3D.
even linger in the shadows would look awesome in 3D

there's just too many possibilities that can work on ps3.and sony has 7 more years to show us their imaginations.

techie3114d ago

That's a lot of youtube.

TehSuperCell3114d ago

Kinda like Wiisports Tennis???

techie3114d ago know Wii Sports Plus has Table Tennis don't you? I wonder if you read the title. IN the article - the ball comes OUT OF THE TV. You're not going to see that on a Wii.

TehSuperCell3114d ago

So people are interested in 3D?

techie3114d ago

How about you read the article and see how it can be used and why this is such a cool idea, rather than reading just the title.