Gamecritics: Deadly Premonition Review

Gamecritics writes: "I'm inclined to make allowances for a budget title, and the quantity of content here goes far beyond what one might expect for a cheap game. A larger budget might have saved the driving physics and improved the experience of the town, but no amount of money could repair the terrible writing and wrong-headed design that really sink Deadly Premonition. If your wallet is light, I note that for the same price, you could instead buy Overkill, a game of admittedly lesser ambition that must console itself with merely being well-paced, funny, and fun."

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OGharryjoysticks3193d ago

...and judging from Amazon's best seller list plenty of other people have too, since it's been in or around in the top 25 on 360 games sales for weeks now.

Forget the bad reviews. 19.99 is practically an arcade game purchase and if you like retro games this is a pretty good just so happens to be a recent release and the old school design flaws need to be addressed for the sake of reviewing unless you want the industry to take 2 steps back.