Teletext GameCentral: Yakuza 3 Review

IN SHORT: As rough and ready as the previous games but a fascinating tour of Japan's seedy criminal underbelly.

PROS: Great fight engine and tons of mini-games. Excellent cut scenes, voice-acting and superb atmosphere.

CONS: The combat remains the only substantial action element and does become repetitive. Poorly paced plot.

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Maldread3197d ago

Especially after their HR review, but i guess they should still get their review out here. Not. No, just kidding.

The design on the review page is really bad though. Looks like an amateur site. Definitely needs a change. As do their reviewers ;)

callahan093197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Yeah. I honestly can't believe this guy ever graduated from any school. What kind of teacher would accept a paper where every single god damned sentence is its own paragraph? Actually, this review has a surprising count of TWO PARAGRAPHS that contain TWO SENTENCES. This is the first review I have ever seen from him that contained at least one paragraph with more than one sentence. Even still, this review has 26 sentences and 24 paragraphs! And that's considered a HIGH ratio for sentences to paragraphs for him. How does anybody take him seriously!?