Ninja Gaiden Sigma Get 9.0 on Gamespot

If you haven't attempted to do so before, this is the best way to play one of the best, most brutal action games ever made.

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nextgengaming183590d ago

Compred to this game. This game has more content, and better graphics then last game. It clearly doesn't matter the score.

harpua3590d ago

but that was relative to the other games on the xbox, which all proved to suck major amounts of arshe. So glad MS didn't just abandon that console..........oh, thats right.

The Snake3590d ago

Whatever score Ninja Gaiden on Xbox got, it got it 3 years ago in comparison to other games that were released 3 years ago. And it was the first time it had been done.

kingofps33590d ago

"NG on xbox 1 got 9.6"? wow! I thought Ninja Gaiden was the best game on that system.

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crck3590d ago

Gaiden on xbox got a 9.4 on Gamespot.

Naruto3590d ago

Gamespot has the new rating system games .5
EXample 9.0, 9.5 , 10 they don't game . 1 extra no more

Phantom_Lee3590d ago

I heard they got a new system, didnt know its going to be like that

bluecapone3590d ago

never played any Ninja Gaiden game before just happy that tecmo/Team Ninja are giving us Ps3 owners that chance

pwnsause3590d ago

the first exclusive AAA title for the PS3, but I doubt people will play this game, unless you just had the PS2 last gen. but pretty cool though

funkysolo3590d ago

that's alot of people that didn't play, smart move from tecmo..I'll pick it up since I never finished it on xbox1

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The story is too old to be commented.