Abstract360: Perfect Dark Review Writes: "When I first heard that Perfect Dark was headed to the Xbox LIVE Arcade, I was excited on the inside. Although I didn't play the original Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64 that much, I knew that Perfect Dark would be something that I would enjoy a lot."

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van-essa3171d ago

On a more serious note, I can't wait to play this game.

Tompkins3171d ago

Was this written by a ten year old?

Biggest3171d ago

It feels like a book report done the night before it had to be turned in.

The BS Police3171d ago

It's Perfect F**king Dark.

pimpmaster3171d ago

do you guys need a review?? we all played this 15 years ago.

multipayer3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Was the time machine invented in 1995 without my knowing? This game is only 10 years old and one of the best FPS of all time getting REMADE, it would qualify as a full retail game last gen. That basically means it makes 99.9% of downloadable titles look like rubbish, and I better see GLORIOUS reviews. For $10, you should be sending them letters of just begging to get raped with extra DLC.

Tompkins3170d ago

But it's a terribly written article that offers no detail or explanation.

"When I first heard that Perfect Dark was headed to the Xbox LIVE Arcade I was excited on the inside."


"The single player in Perfect Dark on the Xbox LIVE Arcade is nearly identical to the original. When I was playing one of the missions, I did look online for a walkthrough from the N64. I did find one, but I did notice a few things were different. I didn’t mind this, but a few fans of the original may get lost or confused when they start playing."


"There is also no sense of direction when playing the Single Player. You can easily get lost for hours unless you know where you are supposed to go and what you are supposed to do."

Lost for hours, get back in school if your gaming skills are that bad, and hell why are you reviewing games if you suck so much? As a reviewer you have to have some sort of credibility to be taken seriously, or even be qualified to comment. Your review paints a picture of a bedroom gamer who somehow has snagged a review code from Microsoft, and now posted a bogus review.

"I have also noticed a good number of glitches within Perfect Dark. For example, I somehow broke a loading screen and every door was unlocked. When I opened one of the doors, I walked outside of the building and fell through the level for a minute until I died."

Oh my days!

"This glitch only happened due to the levels being complicated since I didn’t fully play the original game. "


"I have mowed down 100 different people and did not take one bit of damage due to the auto aim feature. I am not entirely sure if this is a flaw or if this is good. I try to ignore this and use the manual aiming instead."

Playing on Perfect difficulty, yeh right.

"Co-Operative is your basic co-op. There aren’t any settings to change in this besides what level you are playing on."

Except you can play with a bot and unlock more bot types for this mode...

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-MD-3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Been looking forward to this since it was announced. Awesome score for an awesome game.

Everyone please pick this one up and support good games.

Bathyj3171d ago

Consider it done, although now I have go buy M$ points for the first time in ages.

Its 800 point isnt it?

-MD-3171d ago

Correct it's 800 msp (10 dollars) which is a steal for this game.

Bathyj3171d ago

10 bucks. Thats about 1 cent for every 10 headshots I got in multiplayer mode.

Perfectsim, you haunt my dreams.

2FootYard3171d ago

That alien is kind of cute.

ticklechamp3171d ago

Any full game I can get for ten bucks is a steal.

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