That Gaming Site: Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Review

That Gaming Site writes: "Heart Gold and Soul Silver are without a doubt the strongest Pokemon sequels to date bringing all the best aspects that the series has introduced in the last ten years. There's room for improvement but few games will offer you such a refined and open-ended experience like this. Be prepared to loose your life to Pokemon once again!"

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Elven63197d ago

Haven't played a Pokemon game since Blue so I think I might use Gold/Silver as a opportunity to jump back on the bandwagon.

raiden_933197d ago

Now is the time, especially if you haven't played any since Red and Blue, this will feel like a much bigger step up for you. Not so much for those who've been more faithful!

Rush3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Lol yeah Nintendo hasn't changed the magic formula much. I don't think any other game could get away with so little progress other the years and still review so highly.

Seriously when they made Pokemon Red and Blue they basically earned the right to print money right there and then.

Don't think I have really played one since gold either but I don't really find them all that fun nowa days.

Blaze9293197d ago

Haven't played a Pokemon game since Ruby version. I gave up when I realized I'm never going to "Catch them all"

Elven63197d ago

Same here, I caught onto the "buy multiple games + the transfer cable to catch em all" trick and stopped right after that. I think Blue was the worst since it had the least amount of Pokemon in it. I hope things have changed on the DS, at least Wifi is used now?

joystick5553197d ago

my character got stuck into misty and she was clingy so he drowned his pokemon and moved away so i dont play anymore

SpoonyRedMage3197d ago

Yer the objective isn't really catch them all anymore and in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum it counts how many Pokémon you've seen not caught.

Of course the presence of online trading as made it much simpler but it's still incredibly difficult to "catch them all".

Redempteur3197d ago


While i think this opus is very ell done with some welcome change only the most hardcore fan will spot , nintendo way concerning pokemon is weird in my eyes ..

PHG is a great game no doubt but i wonder if something else couldn't have be done /made instead of this ..

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Seedhouse3197d ago

Ace, really looking forward to picking this up next week :)

raiden_933197d ago

The game is out this week in the US and on the 26th in Europe ;)

Sigh3197d ago

Gonna get SoulSilver soon, ahhh the nostalgia :)

Wolf8733197d ago

picking up Silver version. Don't know why I find Pokemon games so interesting even after having played Red, Sapphire, & Diamond. I hate the anime and the cards but something about the video-games that just draws you in.