Reggie Hints That "New Sensor" Is Coming to E3 on GTTV Episode

Appearing on the latest episode of GTTV, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was tight-lipped about what Nintendo has planned for E3. But at the end of the show, he did let one thing slip: Beyond the Vitality Sensor, there may be a new type of sensor Nintendo plans to debut at E3.

In the show, host Geoff Keighley asks Reggie, "Will we see you hooked up to a vitality sensor at E3?" Reggie replies that might happen or "who knows, maybe some other kind of sensor."

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Sonyslave33198d ago

No Reggie don't do it sony is going to copy it and claim they invent it.

mrv3213198d ago

Don't do a Microsoft and have an Eyetoy with lag which cost more than a gold bar and most likely fail with some red light of doom.

GrandDragon3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

I was just wondering but when exactly did Sony say they invented motion controllers? or are you just pulling things out of your ass to piss people off and to demonstrate how mentally impaired you are?

If you don't answer me within 30 minuets then you owned your self.

Seferoth753197d ago

Or he actually has a life and doesnt depend on on his lack of a life to win arguments.. How pathetic that the only thing you could come up with to prove yourseld right was him not sitting on N4g all day like you do...

Sony sheep and the umb things they say. Always a riot. Best part is you're probably totally clueless to whats so funny. Answer in 30 seconds or you're completely retarded. See how that works. You didnt make it in time

whateva3197d ago

and use the controller at the same time and do head tracking shooting games

qface643197d ago

he actually didn't hint at a new sensor

Mr Logic3197d ago

vitality sensor FTW! /s


Sex mini game...I get to f*nger Samus!

eagle213197d ago

Just as excited for Ninty as I am for Sony...maybe even a little more to be honest. :)

Hisiru3197d ago

He is talking about the new DS.

Blaze9293197d ago

he didn't hint at anything - he was just being sarcastic with Geoff because he kept trying to force words out of his mouth.

Reibooi3197d ago

This is why I really don't like the Wii.

Oh it's the cheapest console. No it's not. You have to buy the console and then like 2-3 other controllers which costs over 100$ and now newer games are starting to use Motion Plus so you need that too. And now they are telling us we need a new sensor bar too? Come on. It costs more then the PS3 at launch to buy everything you need to multiple players(like playing Super Smash Bros with 4 people).

I would much rather just get a new console from Nintendo then have to keep buying these add ons that SHOULD have been in the console/controller from the start.

Eamon3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )


I was thinking the same. Not literally though HAHA.

DevastationEve3197d ago

Maybe x-ray vision, or some visor add-on like in Metroid Prime.

How about sonar vision! Or some lame morph ball costume suit so we can roll around while it tracks us :P

Seferoth753197d ago

Reibooi, that is just a stupid comment. Does the PS3 come with 4 controllers? NO of course not you have to buy them.

Let's look at it this way kid.
Add up the cost of 3 sixaxis controllers, then add in the cost of 4 DS controllers cause you are paying another 70 for rumble.
Then add in the price of Eyetoy and the move controllers and see just how cheap that is.
Nowhere near the cost of the Wii and everything needed to play it. . Oh BTW Wii controllers do not cost over 100.00 each. If you want to act like you need every piece for the Wii then you must also need every piece for the PS3 as well.
180.00 for the 3 sixaxis controllers.
240.00 for the DS replacements for 10.00 rumble
100.00 for move and 1 controller. No nunchuk included
80.00 for 4 nunchuk rip offs
90.00 for the other 3 move controllers.
299.99 for the price of the console.

Hell leaving out the price of the console thats over 700.00 just in controllers.

How the hell does that equal
120.00 for 3 wii remotes
60.00 for 3 nunchuks and
20.00 for motion plus if you buy resort, tiger woods, and red steel
Hell 0.00 if you buy one of the other bundled games.

Pay more attention in math class and save that BS for the open zone and the fanboys.

Reibooi3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )


It seems you don't know how to read and have no common sense.

I didn't say each Wii controller was over 100 bucks I said it would cost well over a 100 bucks for 3 more + motion plus + nunchuck etc etc.

Yes you are right the PS3 does have very expensive controllers but it also has online play THAT WORKS!!!!! The Wii does have online play but the friend codes thing is retarded and most of teh games are so insanely laggy there is no point.(can't count the amount of games of SSBB that were ruined because of horrible lag of just plain not getting people into a match)

PS3 you don't need to buy 4 controllers to have fun with friends just hope online and play a game of Uncharted or Killzone adn you are good to go and you don't need 4 controllers for that.

Nintendo games have been games that you huddle around the TV with your friends to play and as such it's fun to play stuff like Smash Bros or Mario Kart that way but it's incredibly expensive to do such on Wii because of all the extra crap you need to buy.

Also where the hell does the PSeye and Move come into this? You don't need those things to play any games. Do you need the PSeye and Move to play little big planet? No you don't it's a option. However you NEED Wii motes and nunchucks to play most games unless they support classic controllers in which case that's EVEN MORE you need to buy. Let me state something I think Natal and move are retarded. The core audience for those consoles don't need nor do they want something so stupid and gimmicky I won't be buying either of them and it really had no place in this argument in the first place.

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dktxx23198d ago

Huh? More accessories? OMG! I never would of guessed.

GR8 13197d ago

Sony will claim they had that idea since ps2.

qface643197d ago

i couldn't help but post this but

*points at 360 avatars*
sounds familiar right

im sure some of you guys will get the reference

Voozi3197d ago

Nah, it'll be called "WiiSee" lol

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