Spoilers: Gears 3 Demo Also Tested On PS3? Unreal Engine Is Ready To Shine HipHopGamerShow 3/14/10

1. Next Fight Night To Use PS Move
2. Bad Company 3D Interview
3. God Of War 3 Review 12 Out Of 10
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Sonyslave33199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

LOL here comes the hiphopps3fanboy he know gears of war 3 is going to destroy the ps3.

ps3hasonlyflopgames3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

please get hhlamer out of here..

dont give hits for this idiot.

mrv3213199d ago

Ok, here's the story.

Epic the guys who make Unreal Engines make a lot of money from other developers who want make a game quickly for multiple systems including the PS3, 360 and PC, the outcome is usually mediocore games both visually and gameplay wise.

Now while Unreal Engine 3 did do it's job the graphics where ok, nothing remarkable but decent.

Currently Epic are developing Unreal Engine 4 to take other their current engine it's hope this will increase the visuals. Epic also make a exclusive called Gear of War which is renound for doing great work visually with the unreal engine.

No doubt epic is developing Gear of War 3 for 360 along side and using Unreal Engine 4. Now Epic before releasing the Unreal Engine would like to test it out a bit... with the best graphics they can muster which is Gears of War 3.

Even if they are testing Gears of War 3 on PS3 it is NOTHING more than a tech demo to try out Unreal Engine 4. It is not PS3 gears game... just a demo to help with the PS3 development of Unreal Engine 4.

That was as simple as I could make it.

LordMarius3199d ago

WTF, freaking spoiler on the vid

deadreckoning6663199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Yeah, there were some spoilers, but IMO it wasn't only the best review HHG ever did, but also the most entertaining GOW3 review so far. Hiphop, this new review structure is 10x better than before. I can't wait ta get my copy tommorow!

Edit: Why are people complaining about spoilers in an HHG review? If u guys didn't want any spoilers, then why do you troll N4G for GOW3 reviews knowing there can be potential spoilers within them?

If you don't want GOW3 spoilers, stay AWAY from N4G for a month. Simple.

WildArmed3199d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty pissed about the stupid spoiler -.-

LordMarius3199d ago

I didnt even click the video, the freaking picture of Hercules is right there

FangBlade3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

I could care less about Gears 3.
*hate shooters*

van-essa3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Very soon console warriors will start b!tching about 10/10 being too low (it's already happening with 9.3) and that a reviewer that doesn't score their exclusive a 12/10 is "teh bias".

BTW it's funny hearing Hiphopgamer calling others biased.

fox023199d ago

Two wands + PSEye + Fight Night = $$$

Want to play with a friend? Well add two more wands, that's a total of $$$?

Seems a bit expensive for a casual gamer.

Cold 20003199d ago

Playstation magazine scored UC2 21/20. Now thats more like it !! lol

socomnick3199d ago

Who approves this garbage seriously ?

Not only is it garbage its spoiled filled garbage.

dangert123199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

im done watching your b.s 12/10 is impossible why should i take u serious it don't even max out the ps3 graphicaly and you give it the best graphics rating =/ and now every game that comes out and is bette then this will be a 13,14,15 out of 10?

Edit* you see him promoting the game infront of his imfamous HHG banner how can you take him serious sony must pay him good

bpac1234567893199d ago

I try so hard not to spoil the game for myself and you put a major spoiler in the f***** video? You need to learn some self control man and giving any game a 12/10 discredits you completely. I don't care how good a game is it doesn't deserve any higher than a perfect score.

rucky3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Hey dumbass, it's not like the title of this article says GOW3 Review. He posted a totally different title in the article with a video image of Hercules standing that actually says the name Hercules on it. That's the most idiotic thing i've ever seen somebody do here in N4G and that's saying a lot. Good job HHG!

Comet3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Then don't watch his review of it, simple.
This is actually a good episode from HHG, so I suggest skipping the interview and watch his honest review after you beat GOW3 or whatnot.

When Fight Night Round 5 comes out with PS Move, I can't wait to play as Manny Pacquiao and beat the crap outta that pvssy Floyd Mayweather ;D

Persistantthug3199d ago

Definitely curious about Bad Company 3D.

Lifendz3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

First of all, how many of us had interest in the move that's gone down because of the prospective cost? No one.

Second, so we're bishing about the cost of buying a controller for your friends to game on? Haven't we had to buy an extra controller for a bud to play on for awhile now? I mean, for almost every console that didn't come with two controllers in the box? Give it a break!

Third, only Sony has to be amazing and perfect in everything. The friggin thing isn't even done yet and people are bishing about games. I don't know how some of these people can write a preview based on how they talked about something that isn't the final version.

On topic, I wanted to watch HHG just gush over GOW3 but I knew he'd tell the whole [email protected] story and spoil things in his excitement. I'll def check it out once I've beaten the game.

Carl14123199d ago

yeah thanks for the spoiler. I already has it spoiled in another article, but still.

Bot Smasha3199d ago

Why would we want gears when we have uncharted, we dont want no queefy b game.

Jamegohanssj53199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

OH SNAP! Gears on the PS3?


morganfell3199d ago

The spoiler in the video still should be grounds for suspension.

Marceles3199d ago

man that's it...I'm stayin away from N4G, I always come here since all the news is bundled in one place and to read funny comments, but the spoiler sh*t has been gettin out of hand all this f*ckin year

TheGrimReaper3199d ago

Totally agree with you!!!
I read an article which had NOTHING to do with Heavy Rain and right there was a comment like this:

ABCDE FGHIJ is the Origami Killer.

Even if you don't want to read it your eyes are caught by the captal letters.
If the article would have been called "GoW III Review" ok, but a picture of Hercules on the frontpage? You gotta be kidding.

3199d ago
Neo6043198d ago

nextgen start when Sony say so.

hihosilver3198d ago

every body complaining about the spoiler is an idiot. you should have known he was going to show a part from the game, crying like little girls bcuz the he spoil some stupid part. STFU and enjoy the fact that it looks beautiful

bboss3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Hey idiot he showed the spoiler image straight from video link. What he did is no better than that guy posting all those Heavy Rain spoilers.

It's looks like the only girl here is you, your HHG boyfriend can't even answer why he did what he did. It's f*ckin obvious why he won't put that image down, it's because he loves the attention so much he doesn't care what it does to some gamers. That's the type of guy you're defending dumbass.

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WildArmed3199d ago

wow.. thanks for the bloody spoiler -.-
I've been avoiding spoilers since late Jan and you put a hercules image on ur video..

Woow.. =/
I should have just stopped coming to N4G for awhile.

deadreckoning6663199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

@nogolis- Seeing as how HHG's personality brings him to exaggerate many things, the 12 outta 10 score didn't surprise me in the least. In fact, I was expecting a 20 outta 10 from him lol.

"If some people gave Bayonetta a 10/10 then GOWIII deserves a 12/10."
Makes sense to me.

Sonyslave33199d ago

Hiphopgamer trying to make it sound like Gears is coming to ps3 but it not.

nogolis3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Let's see here...

Unreal engine is cross platform... GEOW3 engine uses nelldex <(*SP) which is also a key componet in a lot of Microsoft and Sony cross platform games. It's also found in PC games. Gears of war 3 won't be on Ps3.

Fight Night to use Move? Really? You don't say... I bet MLB2011 will use it too. Just a heads up.

GOW 3 a 12 out of 10? Isn't that overkill? Nothing's perfect and I've actually just now got to the last section of my copy but I'd agree with a 9.5 but certainly not a perfect 10 or a 12 out of 10. My trouble with the game is nothing more than the last acts pacing. It moves too quick and it comes off as if they were shoving you towards the conclusion. That's me nitpicking at that. The game is good. It's fantastic. It's near flawless but to overhype and give it a 12 out of 10? C'mon... Get real.

TOO PAWNED3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

i haven't played GOW3 yet but i have to agree, no game deserves 12 out of 10.

It's ridiculous that in this industry anyone can review games and get attention, just shows how immature this industry is. You'll never see this BS in movie industry.

Before you guys take one more bubble(like yesterday) from me, i can't wait to play GOW3 and i know i will love it, and it will prob be my GOTY.

Al Bundy3199d ago

If some people gave Bayonetta a 10/10 then GOWIII deserves a 12/10.

TOO PAWNED3199d ago

I guess if some people jump of building, it's okey for you to jump from skyscraper, after all you are Albundy.

Cold 20003199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Lol albundy got owned and thats all he could come back with haha.

gunnerforlife3199d ago


course it is ok but I would be the smarter one and wear a parashoot :P

DigitalAnalog3198d ago

Therefore when a student gets a 100 in his maths exam makes him infallible to mathematical mistakes. That's the logic, right?

-End statement

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