Evan Wells Wants To See A PS3 Jak And Daxter, Just Does Not Have the Resources

In his recent interview, Evan Wells describes his passion for Jak and what his development team plan to do in the future with the series.


-Mistake pointed out- "Just Doesn't Have The Resources To Make All The Projects At Once" should be the title.

Thank you Beavis4Play

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Mucudadada3194d ago

Unfortunately, I don't think we will see Jak and Daxter for a while, not from Naughty Dog anyways. Sony will make them keep producing Uncharted till the PS3 done. Expect a new IP from them with the PS4.

Death24943194d ago

was really hoping i would see it at this year's e3

zeeshan3194d ago

I highly doubt Sony will milk Uncharted franchise. Naughty Dogs have earned the kind of respect developers can only dream of. If they want to do Jak and Daxter, they will do it sooner or later. Of course it is a business and if Sony thinks that Jak and Daxter won't do that well anymore then they can simply make something new. I reallllyy don't think we'll be seeing another Uncharted any time sooner. It's extremely difficult to improve perfection that quickly :)

electricshadow3194d ago

Uncharted 3 will probably come out October or November 2011. While the Jak And Daxter games are amazing, I would rather see Naughty Dog come up with a new IP for either the PS3 or PS4.

sikbeta3194d ago

That's the Way ND do their Magic, they Create a New IP, make [3] or 4 games from the Same Franchise in the Same Gen, by the Next Gen they Create a New IP and Repeat The Process, They did it With Crash Bandicoot for PS1, then They did the Same with Jak And Daxter for PS2 and they're doing The Same with Uncharted for PS3

Naughty Gods

Rush3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Jak And Daxter man I miss them morons J&D they bring back memory's I used to love the games on the PS2. This comming from a guy who hates ratchet and clank thinks Sypro is a gay and hasn't liked Crash since the PS1 days.

I would love to see a new Jak and Daxter game other then Zelda I can't really stand any other adventure games.

They sold the crash IP otherwise am sure we would of seen a new PS3 Crash by now. I personally think it's a real shame and a very poor move they made way back.

Crash would of most likely been the closest thing Sony had to a mascot, a cool one at that. But sadly it was sold to some tard company that made it into a shovelware Wii game.

Seriously Naughty Dog are amazing developers but selling the rights to there very own mad dog has to be there worst move ever.

WildArmed3194d ago

I really think it's too early to let go of uncharted.
It's in it's infancy stage, and ND will be busy on uncharted for atleas tthe next few years.

But I think after U3, or U4, they should move on to another franchise (old or new).

I like when games come in trilogies. they keep the franchies from being milked. but i dont mind the occasionaly 4-5 games from a franchise.

sikbeta3194d ago

Disagrees? lol

Seems like I need to teach some kids

Crash Bandicoot series, Developer: Naughty Dog, Platform: Playstation

1·Crash Bandicoot
2·Crash Bandicoot 2
3·Crash Bandicoot 3
4·Crash Team Racing

Jak and Daxter series, Developer: Naughty Dog, Platform: Playstation 2

1·Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
2·Jak II
3·Jak 3
4·Jak X: Combat Racing

Uncharted series, Developer: Naughty Dog, Platform: Playstation 3

1·Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
2·Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Yep, now Crash IP is Owned by Milkivision, I hope Some Day Sony Buy the IP, cuz in the wrong hands...

Bilbo653194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

They didn't sell Crash it stayed with Universal when Sony bought Naughty Dog, know what your talking about when your putting down some of the greatest devs.

TOO PAWNED3194d ago

there is more to it then to what he is saying.
I think we will see Jak 4. At this point they are around 130 ppl, they moved recently into bigger studio, i think Jak 4 could be their side project at the same time Uncharted 3 is in works. Something like Ratchet and Resistance.

Huwmor3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Can anyone give me a quick pitch of the j&d games? Loved all the crash games but Never tried j&d. Is it anything like r&c. Cuz that's the impression I got from clips and those Games are great. Anyone

TOO PAWNED3194d ago

Just go watch video reviews on Gamespot, don't be that lazy.
Jak & Daxter are probably or WERE probably best games out of magis PS2 trio, and that trio was Sly Cooper, jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank games.

Blaze9293194d ago

Well we've already seen what happens when Naughty Dog let's outside resources handle Jak and Daxter with The Lost Frontier which pretty much bombed. So I'd rather they'd do it themselves. Same with Uncharted PSP honestly.

catguykyou3194d ago

I love Jack and Daxter, although after the first one, I really lost interest. They tried to make it into a Grand theft auto clone. Just took away the magic of it.

Commander TK3193d ago

Naughty Dog and says that they're the best, yet Insomniac (a developer that its games r seriously overshadowed) manage to release 5 games in 4 years and most of them have received acclaim.

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BlackIceJoe3194d ago

I would love to see what could be done with Jak and Daxter on the PS3. Plus I wonder with Naughty Dog moving to a new development studio if they will now have two teams instead of one. If so then one could work on the next Jak and Daxter and the other one Uncharted or a new IP.

Plus with Evan Wells wanting Uncharted on the PSP. Is great news to hear too.

SaiyanFury3194d ago

Yeah Naughty Dog rocks with everything they've done. I've not seen a game made by them that didn't rock. That said, Uncharted is very awesome, but I'd still love to see a PS3 Jak & Daxter, considering it was one of my favourite PS2 series'. Ratchet & Clank is being continued on PS3, so I don't see why J&D couldn't. Also Insomniac also developed the excellent Resistance games, and still manage new R&C games. If Naughty Dog is as good, or better than Insomniac, I don't see how a new J&D game couldn't be possible.

cayal3194d ago

Dear Sony,

Give Naughty Dog all the resources they need to get a Jak and Daxter PS3 going.


beavis4play3194d ago

sony.......just give them the money - the J&D series is a proven winner and they need to start a new trilogy.
plus, it boggles the mind as to what kinds of (J&D) enviroments they could make on the ps3 after seeing what they've done with uncharted series.

Cajun Chicken3194d ago


Must have been a REASON for that new studio they're moving into.

Blaster_Master3194d ago

Thats exactly what i was thinking. Why would they make a bigger studio and hire more devs if they made a masterpiece like Uncharted in only 18 months? Its gotta mean either a new project, figuring out what to do with the psmove, or they are working on a new engine for next gen. Either or I hope they just take their time with the next game cause longer dev time with a already perfect engine is nothing but a good thing.

Al Bundy3194d ago

Al Bundy wants to see Jak & Daxter on the PS3 too.

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