GDC 2010: Highlights from Will Wright's Surprise Presentation

At the end of the Game Developers' Conference, Will Wright gave a surprise presentation under a fake name. It was titled "The Metaphysics of Game Design." For 70 minutes he discussed absolutely everything about the past, present, and future of gaming, the way we play, and game design.

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TheGameLlama3115d ago

"At that point, Will Wright realized he'd gone over his time allotment, ended his presentation, and de-materialized back into the internet. Or he may have just walked away, I couldn't really see at that point. The crowd was going wild."

Love it. The enigma himself. Also, MAN he got old!

bmw693115d ago

Epic article - gonna take me a while to take all of this in!!

Syaz13115d ago

at the unemployed drug pusher and child pornographer thing. goes to show how society look down on gaming back then. at least my dad doesn't have anything against videogame, and occasionally shows interest. my mom is fine too, but still believes that videogames are for kids, and nags at me when i play a game with lots of vulgarity. my friends mom actually watched my friend play me2 like it's a movie, she stayed right with him until the ending to watch what happened to shepard.