Only idiots blame the 360 for FF XIII's linearity

Destructoid: I got into various arguments with people this weekend who justified Final Fantasy fans hating the Xbox 360 because it apparently "ruined" Square Enix's latest hundred-hour monstrosity. Now, there's no denying that Final Fantasy XIII has its share of problems. Ahead of our review, I can tell you that this game boasts a variety of disappointing elements. However, there are those who legitimately blame the Xbox 360 and demonize it as the heart of XIII's troubles. After debating with several of these individuals, I have concluded that such people obviously know nothing about the game's development

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Hellsvacancy3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

And there are those who cant take the truth and hav 2 write a ridiculous article explainin how we (not so much me) are all wrong

Im TOTALY not interested in FF13 and that was even b-4 it was announced as a multiplat title (and DONT no mofo tell me im wrong) i didnt even like the last 2 Final Fantasy games either, the last i played and liked was 10, the next is Versus

"the never ending final fantasy" (a quote from the legend that IS, my Dad)

rucky3168d ago

Jim Sterling is an emo git idiot who thinks he's special. He's not a fanboy but he desperately seeks attention.

van-essa3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

The game was built from the ground up for the PS3 hence the sheer amount of CGI and the X360 has nothing to do with it being linear.

Games like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, GTA, Oblivion, Fallout.. all prove that I'm right.

SasanovaS19873168d ago

he is a fanboy, and he is the single entity that is the cause of my carelessness for this article the second i laid my eyes on the source...sadly, one would think a website that sees how just 1 of their writers can so significantly spoil their whole reputation would result in his termination, but it just goes to show you how garbage of a videogame website destructoid has become, among the worst, like edge and other pile of doo doo

Carlton Banks3168d ago

Is this Destructoid? That same site who tries to say a group of fanboys is worse than the other and gave Assassins Creed 2 a 4.5/10?

Lol Gtfo Destructoid you have no cred here.

CrazzyMan3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

The progress has just stopped.

Only idiot would think, that 10 years OLD media format(DVD) would be enough for TODAY`S gaming.

Also people are naive, if they think, that x360 hasn`t affected FFXIII development.
First FFXIII trailer was shown in Spring 2006, when it was exclusive for PS3. Game would be ready for the end of 2008 IF Square din`t have to make White Engine a multiplatform Crystal Tools engine.

MGS4 was first shown on TGS 2005(half year before FFXIII) and was released in summer 2008. Square are real professionals, IF Konami and Kojima were able to release their BIG game after 2.5 years, there was really NOTHING impossible for Square to release FFXIII in 2008(BUT it was time when game became a multipatform).

p.s. @van-essa, which of your listed games match FFXIII HD PS3 ver. graphics? NONE.

Lifendz3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

I'm not going to bash the 360 version because I seriously doubt that's why the game is so linear. I just wish the team hadn't scrapped what I loved about FF games (exploration, meeting NPC at my leisure, discovering new weapons/spells in towns or other locations, etc). I hear the game opens up later but why do I have to wait until 40 hours in to get what I wanted at hour one?

Sorry for doing this but I gotta mention the moment in Fallout 3 when you walk out the vault. It was just incredible. Nothing like a dev not forcing you to play a game how they want you to. I liken this to those moments in other FF games when first get to a new town. Maybe you'd head straight to the inn to see what's happening or maybe you'd prefer to head straight to the armory and see what's for sale. I loved that.

Now the game takes you down a straight path that you can't get off? It's not the 360s "fault" the game is so linear. It's the devs/game designers fault.

WildArmed3168d ago

Why do I bother with stupid Destructoid articles?

I dont think anyone brought up 360 as the reason for linearity.
I've heard people say it's the reason for all the content cut, but thats all.

(which was probably just a scheme that SE came up with anyways, they just wanna charge us for DLC)

3168d ago
phosphor1123168d ago

FF13 was made by the same designers as FFX. Remember that game? Extremely linear. Almost like FF13... INCLUDING things like the faux sphere grid they have in the newest one. They are very similar. Both made by the same people, and it shows.

Lifendz3168d ago

It's not the 360's "fault." In fact, I'd say Square did an amazing job on the PS3 version: faster loads, much better visuals, one disc, etc. What did they sacrifice by putting the game on 360 also? Nothing.

3168d ago
green3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

FF13 is just an average game in regards to story,gameplay and exploration. Is it the 360's fault that square-enix could not at least write a good script for the game?

The games linearity is soo disturbing and people are quick to blame the 360 but are quick to forget that Lost Odyssey( which is way way better than FF13),Infinite Undiscovery,Blue Dragon etc are all on the 360 and have larger levels,towns, NPC you can interact with, side quests etc.The 1st 9 hours can be played by just tapping AAAAAAA though the combat gets way more technical later.So i guess the dumbing down of the controls for the 1st 9hours is the 360's fault as well.

I was really anticipating the release of FF13, even expecting it to surpass LO which is one of my top 5 best games this gen. But as of the 14hour mark, FF13 does not hold a candle to Lost Odyssey and it is due to the poor design,story and gameplay elements that Square enix made.

blackpanther253168d ago

Everybody keeps saying that final Fantasy XIII is horrible cause it linear but i just finish playing a bit of final fantasy X and that game is just as linear. They both open up towards the end

The only difference is that 10 has blitz ball and they have towns(that really don't do anything anyway).

I'm really thinking of getting Final Fantasy XIII but i gotta know how the story is. Is it the typical anime-like story that is super cheesy or is it actually good. Someone help me.

Rush3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Am sorry but the article is right having invested 80 hours into Final Fanstasy 13 and loved every minute of it I can tell the reason the game is linear is because it's designed that way.

It's no more linear the Final Fantasy 10 anyway, People just like to give that game a free pass because it wasn't multiplatform. I love the game and honestly to me my favourite games in the series thus far are FF7, FF8, FF7CC,FF13, F10, FF6, FF9 and FF10/2 in that order.

And yes I own the PS3 version I ain't saying this to defend the 360 check my PSN ID: MenechUK

PS: can I please ask the people saying how poor FF13 is to post there PSN or Live ID to prove that there not just idiots talking smack about a game they haven't played.

Cold 20003168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

LO > FF13 in every way possible except for the graphics of course since it came out in 2008.

But yeah lets blame the 360.

And its CLEAR that most of the so called FF fans on N4G have NEVER played FF1O.

FF10 isnt an inch less linear than FF13.

Either you guys are 12 years old which explains how come you never got to play FF10, or just straight out ignorant gamers who have never touched a FF game.

dougr3168d ago

I blame Square Enix more than anything. They told me all I needed to know about the amount of effort they were willing to put in the game when they gave there reasons for not having any towns in the game...

smittyjerkins3168d ago

If anyone cared to actually READ the article they would see the point that Jim Sterling was making. Sterling was making the point that it wasn't the 360's fault it was Square Enix's own damn fault for developing FF13 that way.

Here is a quote of what he says, "You want to blame something for Final Fantasy XIII's issues, then you blame the people who were responsible. You blame Square Enix. Don't go making a boogie man out of a hunk of plastic and wires because you're too lazy and unimaginative to actually consider why the game has its problems. Square Enix made all the decisions here. It decided how to develop XIII, and it decided what systems to develop it for."

menoyou3168d ago

only a moron would pretend games arent being gimped by the 360 when time and time again its been proven to happen

Alvadr3168d ago

Im still loving FFXIII regardless of what the critics say. It feels like an FF game through and through, music, story, battles, chocobos, characters, epic CG are everything I love about FF.

Im excited for Versus next, will be interesting to see what the do.

Regardless, they did cut a hell of a lot of content from release. Almost a full games worth according to an interview a while back. Was this because of 360 space limitations?? Probably not. More than likley a design choice. Maybe we will see the content they cut through DLC or a Special Edition.

gaffyh3168d ago

It is not the Xbox 360's fault, it is Square Enix's fault for making the game overly linear. I'm ~23 hours (chapter 10) in and have not come into contact with any semblance of open world or a proper town. The game has been rushed (I know, even though it took ages to come out, it feels rushed).

Still it's better than anything else Square has put out this gen for HD systems.

lelo2play3168d ago

Funny thing is when it was exclusive, it was a great game, after it was announced on the X360, it became crap. Now FF13 Versus is a great game, but if FF13 has good sales on the X360, Versus will probably be ported to the X360, and then it automatically becomes a crap game by some fanboys.

sikbeta3168d ago

As usual, those IDIOTS @ Destructoid making articles like if they OWN the Truth, Lame...


zane_78493168d ago

Thanks for clearing up that thing I've never heard about. If anyone actually believes the 360 changed the structure of this game that much, then yes they are dumb/ignorant/grasping at straws.

working4games3168d ago

Never heard anyone use the argument implied in this article. I thought the 360 was blamed more for the delay of the release and cut content of FF XIII(which at least partially gimped the game). Both of those reasons are legit at least. Another nice pro-MS, anti-Sony flamebait article, Jim!

TheHardKore3168d ago

Read it so you'll feel like an idiot and shut up. And if you still keep talking crap like this then well your a blind fanboy.

Gue13167d ago

Well I thought this guy(Jim) was going to make another one of his rants about how the PS3 fanboys are the disease of the gaming industry but, it was a cool read... But still, what he is saying can't be proved for real either.

bartkuz3167d ago

I playing this game for 10h now. So far i love it

Eamon3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Hellsvacancy, why did you decide to post the article on N4G if you're not interested in FF13 nor do you agree with anything the author says.

You're a troll and a fanboy. You say you're not interested in FF13, so really, your only reason for posting this is to fuel the pitiful fanboy flamewar in the comments section?

To say you were never interested in it before it became Multiplatform is an insult to everyone's intelligence. Not only are you lying to everyone, but you are also lying to yourself.

You're a sad & strange person that needs to get out of your mother's basement before you become like this 'tard:

Consoldtobots3167d ago

"This guy is king at making ps3 fanboys rage... "

what rage are you talking about? I think most of us are laughing at another idiotic 360 fanboy whose so butthurt of this debacle that throws caution to the wind and shows HOW LITTLE he knows about game development.

Hellsvacancy3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Eamon, u can kiss my arse ya stupid arse teenager, i posted the news coz i saw it, thought 2 myself *sum other mofos gonna post it if i dont* it wasnt even like i was lookin 4-it, i NEVER gp on Destructoid,

U can check my submission list, half of wot i post doesnt interest me none the least but just coz i dont find summin interestin doesnt mean no-1-else will, u clicked on it 4 a start

And oh, dont f-in well call me a liar ya mug, when ever ive spoke bout FF13 (read ALL my comments if u need 2) its NEVER been positive and thats because (bit of a lame reason i know) it looks like a girls game (much like X2 which i hated also), ive said it ever since i saw the 1st trailer, although Versus is the complete opposite(which excites me)

So bollocks 2 wot u think, i aint gotta justify myself 2 no -1

Timesplitter143167d ago

I think FF13 is amazing. People just get put off by the 10 hours introduction, but after that, it's one of my favorite FF games ever

Eddie201013167d ago

Kinda of silly to make an article on a subject that is not even been talked about very much if at all. I have not seen a single comment anywhere saying that making the game for Xbox 360 ruined the game in anyway or that that was the reason the first half is linear, It certainly didn't hinder the PS3 version, the PS3 does look a bit better than the Xbox 360 version overall. Both look great though.

Personally I like the game a lot.

God_Of_Epicness3167d ago

It's Destructoid guys. The writer is the [email protected] with the name of Jim Sterling. He's a 360 fanboy who doesn't want to admit that he is one. The day Xbox 360 wins the console race is the day pigs start to fly. And yes, pigs don't fly as a matter of fact.

MNicholas3167d ago

is a serious limiting factor when games are as data heavy as FFXIII.

They designed it to limit the number of times you have to swap discs.

execution173167d ago

aren't most of them linear but FFXIII's only exception is it has no towns

captain-obvious3167d ago

and only xbox fanboys would say something like "Only idiots blame the 360 for FF XIII's linearity"

CimmerianDrake3167d ago

...are those who CAN'T see the OBVIOUS influence from the 360 on the game's development. Play the game, and you'll see it very easily.

*POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT* The first 10 chapters of the game play at the pace of an FPS, i.e. fast, short, and straightforward. Level grinding is pointless, as your progress is capped and tethered to story progression. You can only level up as the story dictates. Weapon upgrades are equally pointless early on, as the difficulty curve is random when it comes to enemies. Most are easy, with few exceptions. You find yourself using Auto-Battle all the time (a la Enchanted Arms) and there is little real strategy involved even in the more difficult boss fights. Making the game very easy.

Once you hit Chapter 11, the game becomes like Dragon Quest. The difficulty level is ramped way up, you have no choice BUT to grind, and that is what you spend most of your time doing. *END OF SPOILERS*

This is called an artificial gameplay lengthening ploy, FPS's use it all the time. See, in an FPS you can pretty much breeze through most single player campaigns on normal difficulty very quickly. The campaigns are short, ranging from 5 to 7 hours on average. The only way you lengthen that is by upping the difficulty to Hard or Very Hard. Even though no content is added, and the actual amount of game play hours remains unchanged, you take longer because the enemies are harder to beat. That's what FFXIII is like.

It's as though it started one way, then they said "F*ck it, let's start over" and did just that. The game is all over the place, if I had to compare it to anything else, I'd compare it Final Fantasy Spirits Within, i.e. it only has the name of Final Fantasy but that's about it. Little about the game is Final Fantasy at all. It is as far from being a Final Fantasy as it can get without changing the name completely.

You also take into consideration that SE have admitted to removing an entire game's worth of content from FFXIII, not to mention saying that they removed Japanese V.O.'s so that the PS3 version didn't have an advantage, and you can clearly see that FFXIII is gimped because of the 360 and Microsoft. The proof is absolutely everywhere. Play the game and you'll see it for yourself. No media is necessary, no insider sources, it's all in the game. It is unfinished, completely scattered in design, and not at all a Final Fantasy to be proud of.

pixelsword3167d ago

I laugh, as a retard has to be smarter than an idiot to know the difference,.

To say the 360 didn't influence the PS3 development in SOME way is an idiotic thing to say. But regardless of how you feel about it, al will be known and clear when XIV comes out.

meepmoopmeep3167d ago

you're only 13 hours so it's understandable.
i don't know if you've ever played a FF game but they basically are one button presses.

it's about the strategy on understanding what to use against an enemy and not a twitch shooter game.

the story starts off slow, but it ramps up around the 25hr mark. then when you get to the open world part it does a complete 180 and the roaming monsters will literally kick your ass if you haven't understood the battle, paradigm & character system by then.

ShinRyuHadoken3167d ago

Jim Sterling should stop writing and actual play 50 hardcore games first before start writing again. This men write these ridiculous articles and calls himself a journalist? Everybody knows that FF13 was a lot better of if it stays PS3 exclusive. FF14 can be multiplat no prob. cause the 13 is just a port too 360. For gamers it doesn't do any good for playing a port game that is gimped and compressed too the max.

97gsx3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I dont blame the 360 I blame square-enix. If they cut the towns,npcs,backtracking,side missions, and side bosses because it didnt fit on the 360. Then they should have known that from the beginning. This is in no way the 360s fault. The development of the game was entirely in the hands of square. If the game was modified to play for both systems then shame on square for selling out. Cant really blame microsoft for heating up the competition.

That being said the game is so-so the battle system is awesome the graphics too. But the lack of basic final fantasy staples destroy the game for me. Here are the obligatory ff13 pics to prove I actully have the game.

Ravage273167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

don't get me wrong, FF13 is Square's game and they should obviously take all the blame...but it's just naive to think that the multiplat decision had no influence on the final outcome.

I still think 360 owners are lucky that Kitase's team pulled out all the stops to prevent players from revisiting locations, the disc swapping would have been a hellish experience otherwise.

It's the convenience that got people thinking, but we'll never know the truth unless Wada goes crazy. At the end of the day though, all the decisions were made by SE and that's where the blame should be directed at.

Rocket Sauce3167d ago

The Xbox 360 ruined Final Fantasy. It also took the last slice of pizza and ran over my dog. I think it had something to do with 9/11, too...

Tapewurm3167d ago

The main 2 things that the 360 did is delay the launch and allow for an inferior version of the game to be a reality. All core Final Fantasy games have a linear story and this one is proving to be one of my favorites in the series. The new combat system is fresh and a lot of fun to play. The native 1080p graphics on the PS3 look amazing on my bravia tv and I have no complaints. The point of this article ... well there is none... written from the short-bus point of view and is basically there just to start some mindless chatter. :)

bakasora3167d ago

Assume FF13 is still in development, the developers then decide to put in towns, mini games, side quests and whole lot of other stuffs that will make FF13 a true RPG. How would you fit in those contents into 3 DVDs. Don't give me the oh-because-of-the-story-you-ca n't-possibly-have-towns-and-sid e-quests crap.

Thugbot1873167d ago

It wasn't the fault of the 360 the game was linear is 100% correct. The entire FF since I started playing them with V was linear with a somewhat open world at the end. In general this style of play was the standard with JRPG's and still has pretty much been that way. Funny thing is this was released in Japan first and they didn’t complain about the linear game, because it’s actually preferred. That's why you heard many Japanese developers saying we must innovate or do things we see being done elsewhere or else we will lose the world market.

Any how the 360 wasn't even announced or a part of what the game until after development had started on the PS3 and it was over half way. If anything you could blame the 360 for the delay in the release, but at the sometime they got a much longer chance to tweak the PS3 version and it shows. More fanboizium from people who just want to hate FF or the 360.

starvinbull3167d ago

It reeks of 360 fanboyism but the central point is something I agree with. Square-Enix would have made a linear Final Fantasy with no towns or world map irrespective of console exclusivity.

Where the 360 certainly may have hampered the game is in it's content which was for some innexplicable reason cut to half. Had this content been present in the final game then the PS3 version would have had to be compromised much as it was on the 360 with a loss of quality in both sound and visual fidelity.

vhero3167d ago

Ah I was gonna say 360 ain't to blame for linier in the game but graphic but then I read who wrote this... Destructoid are fastly becoming the BIGGEST 360 fanboy site on the web its sickening..

N4g_null3167d ago

Sweet since the 360 was the reason why ff13 sucks then they can just release a collectors edition and put all the stuff in there that they left out. Problem solved. Yet i sort of think square was saying they had to cut stuff. If stuff was cut then make it DLC or give us the new stuff on another disk at discount.

I sure square could use the sales.

Ateanboy3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I agree... Im sure that those who actually read my posts have already acknowledged my position as a fan of the PS3 and a hater of the 360, but even I gotta say that this is completely ridiculous.

A real man keeps it real, and the truth is that the 360 has nothing to do with FF13s linearity. That is all completely 100% Square Enix's bad game design. 360 or not, the FF13 you see today is the game that Square Enix wanted to make. Point blank.

Now, if you wanna talk about the reason Japanese dialogue didnt make it to the American version, or the fact that it had to be put on 4 seperate discs on the 360 version, then yea, THAT is all due to the 360.

But I digress.

F*ck Square-Enix.
RIP. SquareSoft.

AAACE53167d ago

You do realize how you sound right?

You say you totally don't care about FFXIII, yet you are the first one to post a comment! NUFF SAID!

You are usually one of the first to post on most articles, especially ones geared towards 360. Which is strange because you hate 360!

Ateanboy3166d ago

Ahh man!!! You completely owned that guy!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

I hadda give you bubbles

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TROLL EATER3168d ago

well the charectars are fugitives in this game HOW can dey just go to towns.

ps3hasonlyflopgames3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Only idiots ps3 fanboys blame the 360 for FF XIII's linearity


alot of ps3 fanboys people said ff13 was such but ff13 is amazing game..

only butthurt ps3 fanboys blame of this.

and if your a real hardcore j-rpg fan like most of the FF13 players get the version of 360 cuz have the same graphics,textures, sound etc of ps3 for sure.

nuff said.

Hellsvacancy3168d ago

Oh dear, u REALLY r such an idiot

Trebius3168d ago

Multi-plat development ruined the game.

Whoever says otherwise is just in denial.

Wake up and smell the blu-ray.

jeseth3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

While FF13 is great, the lack of "open-ness" is frustrating. While many, if not all, Final Fantasy games have been linear at the start .... FF13 suffers too much from it. While production values and other effects can fool the newcomers, Final Fantasy purists must be feeling a bit swindled by FF13. It could have been a lot better. Its a good game but thats it. Valkyrie Chronicles was better and its about 2 years old now.

But, even though FF13 is above average (at best), its okay because Kratos is coming in about 28 hours to get his revenge on olympus and zeus.

God_Of_Epicness3167d ago

Forza is a flop you know that right? Anyway, you have bad grammar. Go back to kindergarten and learn b!tch.

This site is....Destructoid! And Jim Sterling has done it again! Why am i not surprised?

shawnsl653167d ago

Of course FFXIII is linear, all/most rpg games are like that (not counting mmorpgs)

I'm 52 hours in this game right now in the Pulse land.. those dinosaur looking creatures look AWESOME. (this is where the linearness dies out and it's open world/grinding like a mofo until you continue with the story.

Game has really good graphics (ps3 version; didn't buy xbox version so i dunno)

I mean just look at the details in the hair! Fang looks better than that blonde chick in Uncharted 2 period.

tehReaper3167d ago

Forza isn't a flop. Just so you know.

Tr10wn3167d ago

Ugh comparing a RPG to a racing game, a flop with 92 metascore and 2.3 million sold and won the best racing game of 09, yeah flop but yeah i enjoy playing forza 3 while i wait for gt5 you are playing what? let me guess what you gonna say "God of War 3" yup make perfect sense to wait a racing game playing a hack & slash smashing buttons game, and thats why i hate PS3 fanboys more than the others you guys just talk non sense and yeah only idiots like you said the forza is a flop and blame the 360
for FF13 linearity

ravinshield3167d ago

Only idiots aka Fony fangirls blame the 360 for FF XIII's linearity

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Abash3168d ago

I don't get this Jim Sterling guy. He openly bashes the PS3, says he loves the PS3 but just hates Sony, and then posts an flamebait article that sounds like reassurance the 360 regarding FFXIII?

Can you just come out of the closet and say you're a 360 fanboy already?

3168d ago
WildArmed3168d ago

All socom nick is trying to say is:

Jim sterling is just a big of fanboy as he is.

Which is fine.. fanboys are like c0ckroaches.. they'll survive even an atom bomb.

3168d ago
Lifendz3168d ago

I really don't understand why someone who wants to be considered legitimate would spend even a second writing for or doing anything for fanboys. Focus on the gamers. Fanboys are some weird subset that don't deserve time.

These guys don't realize but the more they try to play fanboys against each other the more they come off like fanboys.

Anorexorcist3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

but where's the other, far more legitimate side of the argument?

"Only Idiots Say FFXIII Will Sell More on Xbox 360"

"Only Idiots Say FFXIII Is Superior on Xbox 360"

Claims like these by Xbox 360 fanboys are just as prevalent in forums as the claim that FFXIII was gimped by the xbox 360.

But of course, how can Jim Sterling possibly be expected to turn against his own breed?

sikbeta3168d ago

The fvcking IRONY

socomnick, a Fanboy who also is a TROLL, talking about other fanboys...


They do it cuz the fanboys give them Hits for every lame story the make, that's why this never going to End...

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ClownBelt3168d ago

Here he comes again. Destructoid don't get many hits without any flamebait articles...