New Xenoblade scan

A brand new Xenoblade scan

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Valay2901d ago

Very much looking forward to this game. Right now, I'm anticipating it more than The Last Story.

FinalomegaS2901d ago

we haven't seen much on the Last Story...

Let's wait and see how that comes out, I mean we do have some creative minds making both but they did mention active battle system too.

-Mezzo-2901d ago

Looking Forward To It.

kesvalk2901d ago

this is shaping to be a very good game...

it's about time we have some good RPGs

iforgotmylogin2900d ago

its looking good. i cant wait for e3 hopefully this is there

Nugan2900d ago

And hopefully we'll get a US release date that is before the end of the year.

tunaks12900d ago

hopefully more media for the game becomes available soon, I really want to see more for this game,