The Most Underrated Console Ever: The Case for the Sega Master System

The Kartel explores the alternate reality that Sega's 8-bit system could've been the one that came out on top versus the NES. Did this system never get its due? One man explains his point for the classic console possibly being the most underrated video game console ever.

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xTruthx3198d ago

LOL i didn't even knew this console existed xD

RedPawn3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Hang On/Safari Hunt w/the black Light Gun, that's where it's at. You didn't even need a cartridge to play these games.

What's even more amazing is there was a snail maze game on it in different offerings.

Zillion 1 + 2
Fantasy Zone
Double Dragon (2 Players at the same time.)
Alien Syndrome
Phantasy Star
Alex Kidd

I had more games, just can't remember which ones, SIGH, Nintendo/Sega Master System what a combination.


I didn't hit disagree, but you should really look a lot of Sega's history up. Nintendo may have marketed their system to no end, but Sega still had the first Japanese major console out. They're way ahead of their time.

Digitaldude3198d ago

My first console ever and a great one at that.

xTruthx3198d ago

Im not bashing on the console, I just really didn't knew it even existed. I had the sega saturn(still have it) tho and that had good games. I believe sega was the first to put cd's on consoles right ?

RedPawn3198d ago

I absolutely loved the Saturn bro.

X-Men vs Street Fighter (Arcade Perfect)
King of Fighters 97
Albert Odyssey
Shadows over Mystaria (Yuck)
Virtua Cop 1 + 2
Virtua Fighter 2
Dark Legend
Beyond Oasis
Sim City
Clockwork Knight
Guardian Heroes (Fan Fn Tastic Game)

But yeah it's all good.

matarchy3198d ago

What about the slot where you plugged in the card and then your 3D glasses. And I think one of the games in 3D was a missile defense game where the missiles flew at you and you shot them with the light gun that was sweet. Loved this console wish I still had it.

OpenGL3198d ago

Actually, the NEC PC Engine had the first CD add-on, years before the MEGA CD / SEGA CD came out.

soxfan20053198d ago

Those 3D glasses were years ahead of their time. Too bad there weren't more games that took advantage of them.

Master System is one of my favorite retro consoles. It was more powerful than NES - too bad third parties were locked into exclusive contracts with Nintendo. SMS versions of some of the classic 8-bit games would have been awesome.

I've played Sonic 2 (via emulation), and while it's good, I don't think it's better than the Genesis version like the author believes.

Redempteur3198d ago

ahh "alexkidd in miracle world "

i don't know how many hours i sink into that title
i never could finish that game until a friend told me about the HIdden continue mode ( UP + start 2 eight times during a game over [cost 400$]) that allowed you to continue playing .( here was no mention of it in the notice i had at the time )

Damn that game was hard expecially the first and third castle .
BUt if you beat it without cheating you are a true gamer

BUY the cristal ball !! It allow you to see what your opponent is thinking during JANKEN sessions.

Several level have many shortcuts , variants and hidden item ..
and i have countless tips like that about this game

Really a underratted masterpiece...

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3197d ago

I loved my Master System, and preferred it to my NES.

I was on cloud 9 when my grandmother bought me Outrun for it. lol

Good times...

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Theoneneo813198d ago

dreamcast is but yeah the master system is probally unheard of in 90 percent of gamers.

Marceles3198d ago

Yeah I agree with the Dreamcast too, but I used to play the hell out of Shinobi and Great Baseball when I was little

mrb3ar3197d ago

lawlz - love the picture of dahj

Fulensenca3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Was a great console, even better than Nes to me ( ohh, I was sooo young XD ).

I still have it in my room :)

Aphe3198d ago

It was great, I had some good times with California Games and Wonderboy.

nogolis3198d ago

I still have mine... Paint splattered all over it from when my parents painted my room as a child but it's still around here somewhere. And it was the best 8 bit system this side of the coleco vision. Well, if you call the vision 8bit. Some do, some don't. I never really knew either way. I just knew it was hot.

The master system had the better versions of the games. In it that they were replicas of the arcade versions most of the time. Like Rygar on the Master system wasn't like Rygar on the nes. Ninja Gaiden on the master system was better to me on the MS than it was on the Nes. It was sharp. I also have fond memories of playing Rambo 2 and Ghouls n' Ghost for it. I got like 40 games for it... I should sell it on ebay if I find it. Probably net 60 bucks.

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