6.0 Avalon Code Review writes "Avalon Code, a new game for the Nintendo DS, presents a rather strange twist on the typical story-telling that's found within role-playing games. The developers, Matrix Software, decided that the idea of saving the world doesn't always have to be about preventing its end, and with the help of Rising Star Games this rather unique story has finally been brought to the Europe for players to experience."

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mephman3173d ago

It's a shame the game was hampered by such a fundamental problem. Seems alright apart from that.

Selyah3173d ago

It was just restricted by having to turn through so many pages just to find what you were looking for, that and i was forever losing my stylus >.< while playing

Redempteur3173d ago

there is a summray you can accès to get into the part of the book you want faster and easier .but it require quite a bit a practice to use it

Kyll3173d ago

Booya, crackin' out my DS

SpoonyRedMage3173d ago

Damn, I might still check it out but at a budget price...

It seems Matrix does their best work when under someone else, like Takashi Tokita! Now where's FF Gaiden's Western release SE!?