Sonic the Hedgehog: What went wrong?

PSU takes a good look at the Sonic franchise and talks about the problems and mis-steps Sega took that is bringing Sonic to a shadowy fate. PSU talks about what Sega can do to revive this poor mascot and how to bring it back to the glimmering franchise it once was.

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Phantom_Lee4185d ago

they never did transform well from 2D and 3D....and they never try to fix it afterwards...

FreeMonk4184d ago

...because Sega is full of morans. Simple.

Instead of them taking the classic 2D game like Nintendo did and turn it into a 3D platformer instead of a game on rails, they messed it up with horrible voice actors (The kids for Star Wars Ep1.ehh), and adding humans when the orignal Sonic game didn't involve humans was stupid.

They they go and release Sonic on next-gen consoles with HORRENDOUS load times, even when loading a simple box of text with the same visuals.

Sega need to go back to basics, and release a Hi-Res 2D Sonic on XBLA or PS3 Network. That, or give up!

Crotin4183d ago

Sonic Adventure 1 was actually a really good game other than those sidestory missions where you have to talk to people...but every game after that just went downhill

ChickeyCantor4184d ago

I think its because they tried to add a story to it while playing.
the 3d versions had dialogs that were corny..most of the time.

the 2d games never had dialogs whatso ever it was just about running and collecting those emeralds.

Phantom_Lee4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

I agree

it really was a shame...SEGA was my fav....they were big back, u know..

VendettaWFT4184d ago

You can only have so many 2D side scrollers, doing the exact same thing (collecting rings,destroy bad guy, repeat), before they start to get monotonous. You gotta think, Sega pumped out 3 Sonic games, a Sonic and Knuckles game and a couple of other Sonic ripoffs (Sonic Pinball), all of which were 2d side scrollers. Then they got progressively worse as they went to 3d, though I still back Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast as a pretty solid game.

pwnsause4184d ago

i agree, though Sonic was fun until after the end of the Genesis' life, they dont know what to do with Sonic at all, it is repetitive, they need to start being creative on what Sonic can do. Bioware is working with Sega to make Sonic RPG, but would that work?

r10004184d ago

Vendetta, yea thats like the hundreds of FPS's out there....

bluecapone4184d ago

Sega went wrong with sonic when they took his speed away all sonic games of the past have been about fast gameplay and that what works now they added guns cars and all that extra not needed crap

ChickeyCantor4184d ago

i dont think his speed would work in a 3d environment unless you have this static level where you run and run only( just like on the wii and even that one was better then the PS3/360 version)

SETBAK4184d ago

Sonic was awesome. I even bought Sonic Adventure on the dreamcast. I haven't bought or rented one since then but they do need to make him faster. SEGA should just make a new Sonic game with Blast Processing. Now that would be sweet.

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The story is too old to be commented.