Is the Core i7 980X worth the money ?

Intel will be releasing the their new flagship CPU within the next couple weeks, which goes by the name Core i7 980X Extreme. Many people are wondering, is it worth the thousand dollar price tag ? Well, that is what we will be focusing on throughout this article.

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Kakkoii3195d ago

Nope. Not for the average consumer or even hardcore PC gamer. No games will be able to utilize all those cores for AT LEAST a few more years. And only a few types of applications if your in the science, video, or game industry.

The Core i7 920, overclocked past 4Ghz is the best deal and will be all you'll need for quite some years to come. Especially with games becoming more and more reliant on the power of the GPU, not the CPU.

You'd be better off getting a dual socket motherboard and popping in two i7 920's.

mittwaffen3194d ago

Only get 3.8 off their 920's. 3.8-4 is still more than what you need though, so it isnt bad at all.

C2Q's are still more than enough.

moe843194d ago

Yes to some
No to others
Who are we to say who is wrong, and who is right.

If you want it, go get it. If not, stfu and move on with your life.