If Cut God of War III Ending Returns as DLC, It 'Would be Free'

It has been heard that God of War III had a pretty involved postscript that had to be trimmed from the game. The game's director explained why to Kotaku Talk Radio, but said if it does come back, it'll be free.

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BlackIceJoe2992d ago

I wonder what it could be? I now want to see this part of the game come out as DLC. I always wish developers would add more story to the game over just a multi-player feature. Plus seeing as this would be free makes this DLC even cooler. That all being said I can't wait to finally play GOW III.

WildArmed2992d ago

Do they mean they had an alternate ending? Or they cut off the ending for potential sequel?

poindat2992d ago

From what I have heard, the cut content was just an epilogue. So it's really nothing necessary, but it is always good to know that if they get around to finishing it, we won't have to pay. They could have easily charged premium prices for the content, so they seriously deserve some credit for considering a free release.

WildArmed2992d ago

I see.

Well I can't wait either way,
DLC or not, GoW3 is going to rock my socks

Megaton2992d ago

I thought the ending as it is now was pretty solid. I've read some criticisms, but I liked it. An epilogue would be welcome, though.

Hellsvacancy2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I also heard it was the epiloge that got cut

I think u can sleep well 2-nite knowin that there WILL b "free" dlc cummin out, theyve mentioned it 2 the people now 2-many times, if they had no dlc plans they wouldnt of said anythin

Lets just hope it IS free, it will obvioulsy would b well worth the money, but y pay 4 summin if theres no need 2

harrisk9542992d ago

I can't imagine that MS would ever do the same on one of its big IPs.

bjornbear2992d ago

thats why i identify myself with sony, they treat their customers well

MS just charges their customers as much as they can before they get a law suit or someone complains

kratos1232992d ago

no they will make you pay 60$fore it and make it a full retail game (hmmmmm odst any one)

N4Flamers2992d ago

This has got to be how you make games. They dont let the rest of the game suffer because of one part of it. When its released its free to the fans that support them. So many people can learn from them, I'm looking at you capcom.

TehSuperCell2992d ago

@ bjornbear
What about the PS2 DVD error? And what about the 07 PS3 purchasers who's PS3's got YLOD long after the warranty?

TrailerParkSupervisr2992d ago

Could learn something, here. The word rhymes with "me" "Lee" and "pee".

Surprised they don't hit my Visa for a quarter when I reload my Scar.

Microsoft Xbox 3602992d ago

We need more SP games with alternate endings.

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MajestieBeast2992d ago

I guess they had alot of ideas at the end of the development that didnt make it in so they wanna make it free dlc well be my guest more gow is never bad.

thehitman2992d ago

That they are willing to offer the content as FREE!!! if they ever get around to finishing it. 3 days until I can get my hands on GoW cant wait.

Wolf8732992d ago

it must have been a pretty big ending. I hope they put it out soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.