Q&A: Online play not happening in Metroid Prime 3

GamePro sat down with Michael Kelbaugh, President and CEO of Retro Studios, for a final update on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. In the interview, it was revealed that Metroid Prime 3 would not include online play, among several other things.

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HeartlesskizZ4182d ago

that sucks, It would of made lots hits with online play, feel sorry for my baby brother who owns a wii

Bathyj4182d ago

Screw the online play. Concentrate on making the single player experience special.

Xi4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

the gamecube version was, slow boring and was more repetitive than the halo 1 campaign. Back tracking ruined that game, and it ruined the franchise for me. Metroid to me, sucks.

so that single player campaign, already went down hill, specially with mp2.

Bathyj4182d ago

Going back to previous levels with new powers and reaching previously inaccessable areas is what Metriod is all about. I know the game is 1st person but you need to think of it as more than a shooter. Its an exploration/adventure platforming shooter just like the Super Nes version.

texism4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

Xi I'm willing to bet that you have never played metroid prime and you are basically just being a douchebag complaining about problems you only hear about (ooh it's the evil backtracking!).

Play the game...or shut your vagina up

Xi4182d ago

truth is, the game play is slow, the puzzles aren't innovative, the boss fights are redundant(ooooh shoot this part now, even metroid prime, just have to make sure you use the right gun, then duck under it's dash. So hard). The Backtracking was horrendous, I got lost so many times, and missed so many artifacts because of it. The story was mediocre and had so much extra nonsense. Then mp2 came out and it was the same game, different story, same enemies, slightly different weapons, and the same tiresome, boring repetitive gameplay (though at least they fixed some of the back tracking) the game was average, looked great(to dark IMO) but it was nothing special.

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scarlett_rg4182d ago

And that, sir, is why you only have one bubble. Congrats.

Zinswin4182d ago

No online play is the reason I won't buy a wii...

GamingFun4182d ago

Bunch of trollers. Feel better?

Well honestly if they wanted to make their full effort towards the campaign I for one am happy. The first Metroid Prime on GC was by far one of the cooler games out there. If you say differently then I guess you don't like FPS. MP3 I hope will show that it's still an awesome game

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The story is too old to be commented.