Fox News: Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2 Review

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mushroomwig3079d ago

Mass Effect 2 for the 360? I think he's forgetting a platform, namely the PC.

Chubear3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

... this has got to be some sort of weird joke... FOX?!?!.. A Mass Effect review?!?! lol

Lightsaber3078d ago

These are the same people that went on and on about ME 1 being an interactive porn

Jim Hawking3078d ago

They were responding to what the prick was saying about ME, and the guy from Spike TV did a bad job explaining why the other guy was full of it.

Darkstorn3077d ago

I can't say Fox News is 'fair and balanced' in this approach to their game reviews...
Objectivity is not their strong suit.

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OSIRUSSS3079d ago

The only Mass Effect Fox news understands is Bill O'reilly's ego.

peeps3078d ago

it's march 16th.... did they only just get round to reviewing this game a month and a half after release or did someone post this a month and a half later lol

XxPh1l5t3RxX3078d ago

"Mass Effect 2 is packed with more weapons, better action and tough choices and major consequences" and this review is packed full of spoilers, don't watch it if you haven't already finished the game.

They even show a clip from the game's final cinematic!!!

Jim Hawking3078d ago

Didn't the trailer have scenes from the final cinematic?

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