Mortal Online to Launch this Month

If you've been watching the development of Mortal Online, you may know that open beta has started at the beginning of February, and the guys at Star Vault have been hard at work improving and polishing the game. Players watching the progression of the game have been pretty curious to know when launch is. If you're in a hurry for launch to arrive you are going to be pretty happy. Word came to the Mortal Online site yesterday that the game will launch in March of this year. There's also a brand-new game trailer for you to look at.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

I know why this have a good looking style. The partners are Epic Games, Nvidia, Intel and others.

Thought this was another simple MMORPG with simple graphics in game

I guess Im wrong. And it is a First Person with great Graphics and massive content.

Downloading this after work.

The Immediate Music in the trailer, is nice.

Bobby Kotex3198d ago

Looks pretty generic to me.

ChozenWoan3198d ago

Just not interested in a monthly subscription.